Top Considerations to Ensure Optimized Data Center Solutions in the New World

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In response to work from home initiatives, tech service providers have scaled quickly and seamlessly. For large cloud and service providers, like Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft, capacity expansion programs have been accelerated. To ensure continuity of their data center solutions, many enterprise operators and owners have initiated contingency plans, while adding new health and sanitization regimes.

Enterprise operators are re-imagining on-premise facilities with higher degrees of automation and remote management. This is leading to renewed interest and investments in data center designs that are fast to deploy, use next-generation DCIM solutions and are supported with digital services – all to maximize performance, simplify management and optimize operational cost.

Maximizing ROI from Data Center Investments

These investments for upgrading or modernizing existing facilities and building new data centers are always hard fought, with pressure to demonstrate that dollars are being invested wisely. Factors that help deliver a fast ROI without affecting the overall, useful lifecycle come into play – reliability, manageability, scalability and now sustainability has been added to the typical boxes that need checking.


A good example of where these factors come together is EcoStruxure Data Center Solutions, Schneider’s standardized, critical infrastructure architecture. Customizable to application requirements, it can deliver economies of scale, predictable performance and assured quality, while also fulfilling the following essential needs:

  • Speed of deployment

    Wherever servers, storage and network equipment need to be installed outside of dedicated IT environments, Schneider is able to provide easily configurable and rapid-to-deploy edge data center solutions. These range from wall mounted to single rack requirements right up to micro data centers, which can be delivered straight to site and brought online quickly and efficiently.

  • Flexibility to adapt to different locations and applications

    The architecture is flexible and can be adapted to suit different configurations from micro to rowpod to modular solutions. In addition, Schneider’s online configuration tool enables power protection and distribution, cooling requirements and physical security to be matched to the exact requirements of the load and its physical location.

  • Manageability to ensure edge reliability at arm’s length

    Schneider’s next generation DCIM, EcoStruxure ITTM, is designed to meet the needs of end-customers and their IT partners, so that equipment in distributed locations can be remotely monitored and service requirements fulfilled with no unscheduled downtime. With AI being increasingly utilized for data analytics, Schneider is moving towards fully predictive maintenance for cast iron resilience and uptime. What’s more, edge environments can be managed from a smartphone or other mobile device.

Explore the Solutions to Meet Your Capacity Demands

If you’re involved in data center design or construction, whether to serve central enterprise requirements or remote edge computing needs, explore EcoStruxure Data Center Solutions. These solutions support the deployment and management of IT equipment in all types of environments and help meet the ever-evolving demands of data center capacity and efficiency.

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