Planning to Renovate Your Home? Fab Homes Bundle is the Solution

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Renovating your house will always be a worrisome and exhausting task – there are so many unique elements to take care of during this phase. Be it finding a reliable provider to furnish your home, finding an electrician to deal with electrical requirements, or simply devoting a large period of time and effort, it definitely is a tough task.

While renovating homes, many individuals forget basic appliances & elements like electrical switches and sockets. This is probably because of the specialised expertise which is needed to replace electrical equipment – a regular homeowner generally is not well-versed with the nuances and specifications of the electrical equipment in question. Switches and sockets are subtle elements of home decor which really should not be overlooked, especially in the modern age of today.

This is where the expertise of giant brands like #SchneiderElectric came into play. The brand has launched an exclusive product range called Fab Homes where a homeowner could choose out of 17 packages. With this offer, individuals can revamp the switches & sockets in his/her home by buying one of our package offers. All these packages include modern, sleek, and classy switch options which would fit into your decor scheme with relative ease – which shows that replacing your switches and sockets can play a big role in design and aesthetics. These packages include the Livia switch, Ulti switch, Neo switch, and Zencelo switch – all unique in their way in terms of style and performance. You really cannot go wrong with Schneider switches.

There are multiple perks as well included in the Fab Homes scheme, such as –

  • Free consultation and advice from Schneider Electric experts
  • Free installation by a Schneider Electric electrician. This is a shining feature – you needn’t worry about technicalities of installation
  • Warranty
  • Extended after-sales customer support


  • VinayaKumar

    3 years ago

    Hi, my house is in the process of construction, as of now points and boxes havbeen installed, wiering is yet to start
    Can you suggest any plans to implement IoT/ smart home technologies

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