As Buildings Grow Smarter, the Need for Building Automation Integration Increases

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In today’s world of smart buildings, experts who understand how to integrate the many parts and pieces that form the building automation infrastructure play a critical role. They help building owners to overcome the challenges of high energy costs, occupant comfort, and occupant health and safety.

In this new world of digital transformation, the role of systems integrators with expertise in building automation becomes more important than ever. Systems are more connected and data sharing is critical for executing end-to-end process optimization.

Meeting on Building Automation

Building owners who seek guidance in optimizing the performance of their buildings identify three main evaluation criteria when considering an appropriate systems integrator:

  • They prefer to work with organizations that understand their daily business issues and not only their technical installation.
  • They desire a high degree of technical competence in the system integration staff engineers.
  • They seek a systems integrator that is backed by a reputable technology manufacturer so that they would immediately have the needed level of support should anything go wrong.

EcoXperts: A low risk, high return option for building owners

Our company Domotica SGTA, a Master-level BMS EcoXpert™ based in Portugal, specializes in the design, installation and commissioning of building management systems (BMS) and building automation. We maintain a close partnership with Schneider Electric and apply our knowledge of their EcoStruxure architecture of connected devices, edge control, and software and analytics to render buildings more efficient.

We operate within a small country of 10 million people. Across the tightly-knit Portuguese business community, company reputation spread very quickly. Fortunately for us, building owners, general contractors, HVAC and electrical contractors often approach us because, over the last 30 years, we have established a reputation for being able to respond quickly to ongoing building infrastructure requirements. We win the bulk of our contracts as a result of customer word of mouth and the partnerships we have cultivated with key building automation providers.

We always ask our customers to share feedback regarding why they choose to do business with us. For most of them, it boils down to four core principles:

  • Knowledge and expertise – Our deep understanding of building automation products and how they integrate with other systems helps our customers to expedite the execution of their modernization projects. Our active participation in the APIRAC (HVAC association) and Ordem dos Engenheiros (Portugal’s licensing body for engineers) helps our engineers to stay current with changing regulations and trends in our field. We perform the building automation-related research so that our customers can focus on their own business challenge priorities.
  • Ability to deliver – It isn’t unusual in our small country to receive a request for a proposal due by the end of the week or the following week. For our customers and partners, time is money. If we don’t deliver, partners will stop coming to us, so we place a heavy emphasis on meeting client deadlines.
  • Partnership built on trust – In Portugal, word travels fast when something goes wrong. That’s why we always consider not only our own reputation, but the reputation of our customers. They trust us with helping them to improve the efficiency of their buildings and to lower costs. When we follow through on our promises and they achieve these goals, the level of trust established is quite deep.
  • Backing by a strong global partner – Our partnership with Schneider Electric makes it easy for our customers to rest assured that access to technical resources will not be an issue. Everyone recognizes and respects the Schneider Electric brand even if they are not familiar with specific controllers, panel boards, or systems. The company’s wide breath of building automation products and technical support organizations lowers project risk and provides access to a broad base of global field-based expertise.

Learn More about Building Automation Solutions

To learn more about how digitized building automation solutions can improve building performance check out some of our projects.

Partner Program

EcoXpert™ Partners – the Implementation Arms of EcoStruxure™

The EcoXpert Partner Program is unique in its industry and made up of a best-in-class global ecosystem of expertise. Trained and certified by Schneider Electric, EcoXperts are the implementation arms of EcoStruxure in homes and buildings all over the world.

Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert Partner Program unites the world’s leading technology providers, who exhibit best-in-class system integration competencies in facility optimization, reliable infrastructures and energy management, with its customers around the globe. Stronger together, this partnership cultivates collaboration, connects expertise, and delivers best-in-class services and solutions.

Visit EcoXpert to learn more.

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