EcoXperts play central role in solution development for commercial real estate

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With the world’s population closing in on 8 billion, the commercial real estate industry will become even more critical to providing housing and commercial buildings space than at any other time in history.  And with the introduction of IoT and 5G, people have more choices of where and how they will work than ever before, making the commercial buildings space a test bed for innovation, and the EcoXpert Specialization for Real Estate will help address these trends.

Therefore, to enable this innovation, Schneider Electric trains and certifies our specialized EcoXpert Partner Program integrators in EcoStruxure, Schneider Electric’s IoT-enabled architecture and platform.  EcoXperts can gain expertise in building management systems, critical power, connected power, lighting control and more.  From there, many of our EcoXperts choose to get a “Specialization” in Real Estate where they learn the industry trends and the techniques required to develop complex solution architectures to meet the needs of the dynamic global commercial real estate market including digitally enabled smart buildings; commercial real estate that are secure from both physical and cyber threats, and buildings that are truly sustainable and meet the ever-demanding green building codes and regulations.

Real Estate Specialization is open to EcoXperts who have already achieved badges in Connected Power, BMS, Critical Power, Light and Room Control and Access Control.  Specialized trainings will help EcoXperts expand their knowledge and solution delivery capabilities in the following areas of commercial real estate:

  • Smart, Secure Building Solutions
  • Smart Workspace Solutions
  • Digital Power Solutions
  • Energy & Sustainability Solutions

Real Estate Specialized EcoXperts work closely with Schneider Electric on large projects across the full Schneider Electric portfolio from medium/low voltage and UPSs to BMS, power management and EcoStruxure Advisors.  Achieving the real estate Specialization helps EcoXperts differentiate their business, increase their credibility and beat the competition.

An example of an EcoXpert who has had success in the commercial real estate market is Lanka Energy Conservation based out of Sri Lanka with head offices in Australia. Lanka Energy Conservation or LEC, has specialized expertise in energy management and performance contracting and is a Certified EcoXpert.  While not yet a Real Estate Specialized EcoXpert, LEC has been providing solutions to the real estate industry in its markets for several years.

In addition, one of LEC’s recent real estate successes is with Seylan Development Corporation in their headquarter building in Sri Lanka.  The Seylan Towers building houses Seylan Bank as well as high end residences for government officials and other high-profile people in the community.  For the customer, it was critical to ensure that their buildings are safe and cybersecure, environmentally friendly, economically viable, socially responsible and resource efficient.

“As a Schneider Electric EcoXpert, we are able to combine our expertise in energy performance contracting with the strong digital capabilities of the EcoStruxure platform to support the unique needs of our customers.  We identify existing commercial buildings that have substantial energy bills, conduct a free audit to identify potential energy saving opportunities, and present our solution to  decision makers. As a part of our service at LEC Energy, we provide a commercial bank guarantee at the onset of the project in an amount equal to the proposed energy savings value. The board room and CFO’s appreciate our proposals as they have a direct impact on bottom line. We use the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure platform to implement our energy strategies.   It’s a secure and scalable platform.”  

Rukshan Sheriff, Director and CEO, Lanka Energy Conservation

In order to meet the demands of the client, LEC recommended a performance contract using EcoStruxure Building Operation, through which Schneider Electric connected energy and BTU meters, controllers and sensors. Following this approach, the customer firstly benefited from LEC’s specialized expertise combined with Schneider Electric’s innovative solutions.  Secondly, the system has resulted in a guaranteed energy savings of 1.6M kWh and a building designed to the highest cybersecurity standards.  And thirdly, ROI on this project was achieved within 22 months.

“We had a goal to achieve a 30% energy reduction in energy consumption within the first year.  The information is real time and it has benefited our operations.”   

Major Palitha Saputhanthri, General Manager, Seylan Development PLC

In conclusion, Schneider Electric is always looking for new systems integrators to join our EcoXpert partner program and to pursue the real estate specialization. All EcoXperts benefit from Schneider Electric’s strong program support, co-branding and co-marketing initiatives, employee talent and educational opportunities, and tested and validated designs and specialized engineering tools for competitive differentiation – all aimed at helping to grow business in commercial real estate for our partners.

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