Making buildings efficient, engaging, and future-ready

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This blog post is part of a series from Innovation Summit Barcelona 2019, a two-day event that brings together more than 3,500 industry professionals, solution experts, and IoT leaders to discuss about global trends, generate bold ideas and foster digital economy.

Buildings need to be re-invented. We need to change the way we design and run buildings to be more engaging, hyper-efficient, truly sustainable, and simple, as our Digital Energy Division EVP Laurent Bataille recently explained at Innovation Summit Barcelona.

The ‘why’ of this is clear. More people are moving to cities, more buildings will be needed, and buildings are huge consumers of electricity.

But how do we drive the re-invention of commercial and industrial buildings?

As explained in Barcelona, the Internet of Things is enabling us to connect our building systems and devices to capture more information than ever before. But without the right tools to analyze and act on the data your building cannot operate to its full potential.

To unlock the potential, we must have the right digital infrastructure in place. Powerful opportunities arise when the foundation of a building consists of:

  • Connected Products for a strong digital IP backbone
  • Edge Control solutions for robust integration and control
  • Apps, Analytics & Services to support enterprise services at scale

Offering a host of services for facility managers, tenants, security teams and more, EcoStruxure Building, is an open, scalable, secure platform that harnesses the power of the IoT to create truly connected, future-ready digital buildings.

More engaging

The Connected Room Solution, new to the EcoStruxure Building portfolio, puts building owners, facility managers, and occupants in complete control of rooms and spaces. Whether in a hotel room or office, occupants can control lights and blinds through a mobile application. The solutions also make life simpler for installers, with an e-commissioning app guiding them through the set-up process then enabling monitoring for maintenance purposes, all from a smartphone. These solutions provide a leap forward for efficiency, as well as making buildings more comfortable.


With Apps, Analytics, and Services, building owners and facility managers have the ability to act on data they’re seeing across their facilities in order to boost efficiency.

Another example from the EcoStruxure Building portfolio is EcoStruxure Building Advisor, which enables building owners and facility managers to proactively manage multiple sites anywhere in the world in one dashboard. This is one of the ways EcoStruxure can help leverage some of the 90% of data collected in buildings that is currently unutilized. Building Advisor enables predictive maintenance by monitoring how building equipment is functioning verses how it should be. This means work is only done when it’s needed, rather than on a schedule.

Truly sustainable

Another solution from the Apps, Analytics and Services layer of our EcoStruxure platform is EcoStruxure Power Advisor. It ensures your system – your meters, power quality mitigation equipment, and power monitoring software – is functioning properly so your operations run smoothly, minimizing unexpected downtime. With support and guidance from our experts, you can improve your visibility into your power management systems, and proactively address potential issues before they can impact your business.

Another new solution, EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor, uses IoT sensors to tell building owners which spaces are being used by occupants. Unlocking this data means facility managers can better optimize their space and HVAC. Using CO2 and volatile compound measurements, it provides a health index so buildings owners and facility managers can create better spaces for occupants to live or work.

These are just some of the ways Schneider Electric is innovating and changing the way buildings are designed to meet energy and climate change challenges. For a long time, the conversation around re-inventing buildings has been about the future, about what will happen. But these are solutions that can be implemented today for almost immediate cost and energy savings.

For more information, watch the Expert Learning Session delivered at Innovation Summit Barcelona 2019 about the how’s and why’s of engaging, efficient, and future-ready buildings.


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