Network Connectivity in the age of AI-defined

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The topic of network connectivity has become a universal discussion across multiple avenues of conversation, and it’s easy to see why this is the case. After all, the fact of the matter is that connectivity has become the need of the hour in modern times, with pretty much every form of technology – such as machine control – being governed by the modern application of this technology. A large part of the technology that fuels this development has to be the manner in which AI & machine learning has progressed by leaps and bounds, making the progress in these technological avenues all the more substantial.

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So, the best way to illustrate just how far network connectivity has progressed in modern times would be to talk about two major forms of technology that have become the rage. You’ll be hard-pressed to talk about the overarching topic of technological innovation and not find yourself talking about these two bifurcations of technology.

 Home Automation

Unique forms of technology, primarily the Internet of Things have evolved physical infrastructure – be it in the form of residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. In the modern age, designers and builders have to be well-versed with these new-age appliances and systems to blend them with modern households. These devices add value to our lives and homes by effectively performing functions which were initially beyond their scope of capability. Some of these components that have added to the development of smart homes include:

  • Smart Security Systems
  • Centralised Lighting Circuits
  • Automated Appliances & Furniture
  • Centralised Air-Conditioning Services

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KNX can be explained as a system of network communication, intended to augment the notion of building automation to a significant extent. In a KNX system, multiple devices are linked and connected to each other. This could possibly develop communication between distinct devices so that they can automate complex functions present in a smart home, with relative ease.

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