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Buildings: Meeting the Demands for Connected Infrastructure in the Digital Economy

A new breed of living buildings is here. These buildings – which can think, sense, and adapt – will be the cornerstone of modern, smart cities. Consequently, infrastructure decision makers have to learn how to meet the needs of a growing population by enabling sustainable design and applying active energy management for buildings in the digital economy. Using a collaborative smart building IoT platform to provide solutions for more productive building management and more comfortable living spaces, this is an achievable initiative.

City skyline with data imagery
Living buildings

Think about the development of building digitization today—connected buildings are increasingly leveraging the IoT to help:

  • Gather large amounts of data
  • Interpret the data with AI and analytics
  • Use insights to enhance occupant comfort and improve operational and energy efficiency

To help technology experts prepare, I’ll be presenting on this topic at #CLUS in San Diego. I’ll hone-in on information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) when it comes to connected building infrastructure and the influence of IP networks.

Think Tank talk: “Buildings Reinvented” at Cisco Live San Diego, June 11

Held June 9 through 13, Cisco Live US is Cisco’s world-renowned annual customer partner conference. The event brings education, connections, and inspiration to attendees through technical education, future-focused thought leadership, and more. You’ll find Schneider Electric at booth #1115, and I’ll present a 30-minute Think Tank session on Tuesday, June 11, at 3:20pm.

Think Tanks are a great opportunity to expand your knowledge. Take a deep dive into best practices, performance benchmarks, successful deployments, and more through interactive, conversational forums for knowledge sharing. In my Think Tank talk, Buildings Reinvented, I’ll discuss what it takes to deliver a modern, IP-based building IoT network through security, resiliency, and ease of management, highlighting network connectivity and a joint technology solution from Schneider and Cisco.

Today, leaders in building infrastructure must advance by further developing new capabilities, partnerships, and ecosystems needed to succeed in the new age of connectivity. Technological advances are the catalyst for transforming the environment in which we work, and I’m extremely excited to present on the process of reinventing buildings to be more engaging, hyper efficient, sustainable, and simple.

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  • gregoire GOUT

    4 years ago

    Great to have Brian Hanchey as speaker! I hope you will be able to put some attention of the audience to Network connectivity department and its super porfolio! we provide IT network infrastructure for smart buildings! hope also that you inlcude the PoE (Power over Ethernet) in the discussions.

    All network connectivity count on you!

    Please, give us feedbacks and key points after this event.

    all the best

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