Three Years Running – EcoXpert Receives 5 Stars from CRN

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CRN has awarded 5 stars to the Schneider Electric EcoXpert™ Partner Program in their Partner Program Guide for the third consecutive year. It is always an enormous honor and representation of success for the program and our partners who are constantly delivering customer excellence. Each year that EcoXpert receives 5 stars proves the expertise of our partners. We strive to remain among the best of the best.

The past two years, I felt that the critical factors that contributed to the 5-star accreditation in both the 2017 CRN Partner Program Guide and 2018 CRN Partner Program Guide were: 1) the Schneider Electric brand and the EcoStruxure™ technology, 2) our ongoing mission to connect our partners and provide them with everything they need to thrive and, most importantly, 3) the quality of the partners in the EcoXpert partner program. I also pointed out how the program continues to evolve, boasting new successes each year. Rapid change is continuing to affect us for the better as we pursue our partner journey ahead.EcoXpert™ Receives 5 in CRN's 2017, 2018, and 2019 Partner Program Guide

The EcoXpert program mission is, “to connect expertise, ignite growth and enable success for our EcoXpert partners, because together we deliver best-in-class services and solutions to our valued customers.” We work with every partner, on every project, to live up to that mission through the power of our ever-changing EcoStruxure architecture and platform enabling our partners to be ahead in this race of change.

Keeping up with change

Change can be very difficult to keep up with, but fortunately the local and global network of technology leaders making up the EcoXpert Partner Program continue to do so. That is why it’s an even greater honor to be awarded in this year’s CRN Partner Program Guide.

Our customers demand ever-evolving products and services that can keep up with the pace of the world’s megatrends: urbanization, industrialization, and digitization. These shifts in the world are having a major impact on how we conduct business today, and even more so on how our customers will conduct business in the future. These types of trends require the kind of program that EcoXpert delivers with the help of the quality and power behind Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure technology. EcoXperts are the implementation arms of EcoStruxure and are committed to delivering unparalleled innovation and partnerships.

More about CRN’s 2019 Partner Program GuideEcoXpert 2019 CRN Partner Program Guide

The CRN Partner Program Guide identifies the strongest and most successful partner programs in the channel today, offered by the top technology suppliers for IT products and services. The 5-Star rating recognizes an elite subset of companies that offer solution providers the best partnering elements in their channel programs.

To determine the 2019 5-Star ratings, The Channel Company’s research team assessed each supplier’s partner program based on investments in program offerings, partner profitability, partner training, education and support, marketing programs and resources, sales support, and communication. This definitive listing of technology vendors is published each year by The Channel Company.

Simply put, the awarding of 5 stars means that the EcoXpert Partner Program is among the best of the best, delivering to both our partner channel and our valued customers. Just listen to The Channel Company’s CEO, Robert Faletra, “For solution providers, finding the right technology vendors to partner with is crucial to the health of their business, and the vast array of choices can be overwhelming,” said Robert Faletra, CEO of The Channel Company. “Our annual Partner Program Guide and 5-Star ratings help them narrow the field, identifying the most rewarding partner programs and outlining their strengths and benefits.”

We are honored to continue driving partner differentiation and increased profitability for our customers while simultaneously boosting business growth for Schneider Electric. Learn more about what makes the EcoXpert program thrive.

The value of EcoXpert

We are proud of the hard-won expertise of our EcoXpert partners. Evolving, learning, exchanging ideas and best practices, collaborating, innovating together and realizing the amazing projects that so many partners keep doing allow us to remain among the most successful partner programs in the channel.

Our selection process and certification demands for the EcoXpert Program are quite stringent, ensuring the quality of our partners complements the quality of our technology. Our EcoXpert partners are committed to excelling in the certification journey and enhancing the skill sets of their employees in solutions such as power control, building management, data connectivity and more.

With more than 3,500 EcoXpert™ partners delivering integrated technology expertise to their clients in 50 countries around the globe, the EcoXpert network is staffed with experienced industry experts who are trained and certified by Schneider Electric.

Each customer and business is unique, and offering the best solution for the individual customer is not just about IoT and integrated technologies: it is about the best team with the best partners for the best outcomes. So, join us on this adventure and let’s grow your business and that of your customers together.

Thanks to all our well-deserved EcoXperts!

More about the CRN 5-Star rating in the CRN Partner Program Guide 2019. See you soon at one of our events or meetings across the globe.

Not an EcoXpert yet? Learn everything about the EcoXpert Partner Program here.


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