What Is Home Automation and How Does it Work?

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Smart homes become smart due to home control. The control between different home appliances is brought by Internet of Things. It is made possible through a network of microprocessors fitted in all the systems linked to a central hub. The homeowner can get the control software installed in any device they wish to operate it from – be it a mobile phone, a desktop or a laptop that function as the remote. These devices can be connected to a local area network, via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

With the introduction of KNX in Home automation system, even complex operations are now possible. The standard home automation system comprised only of lighting control, airflow and temperature control etc. However, the modern system has helped to upscale the operations. It has brought into picture features like scheduling processes, time-related commands, etc. The advanced system is also linked to the security and access control system. Therefore, it can be programmed for events or triggers that are not scheduled. This means programming like turning on the security siren or switching on the lights in case of security breach is possible. Therefore, these systems make the building foolproof and cent per cent secure.

It is often mistaken that these systems consume a lot of electricity and can increase the power consumption of the home. However, it is not true. On the flip side, such systems are an effective measure in intelligent electricity consumption and saving. Lights, AC or any other connected device, can be programmed to be turned off at a specified time or when not in use. The system also grants remote access to the homeowner allowing them to see the state of the device (on or off), thus saving a lot of money.

The connected system has a number of components that monitor the magnitude of incoming current. In case the flow of current is higher than the susceptible limit, the system is bound to wear and tear. With a fast paced of technological advancements, it is now possible to have power factor correction mechanism. It ensures that only permissible magnitude of steady current flows through the circuit, making the system safe and durable.

Home automation has brought about a significant change in people’s lifestyle and will continue to bridge the gap between luxury and technology. Schneider Electric India is one of the leading companies giving this advantage to homeowners and making lives easier and comfortable for them.

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  • Paul Sutton

    5 years ago

    I use wiser for home heating control. 2 improvements would really help, first, a preset time to turn off ‘away mode’, if I lose Internet or just forget, I come home to a cold house,really annoying, so I don’t use this really useful feature.
    secondly, a way to store my winter settings so I can restore easily after summer adjustment. I have an old house which took weeks to get right balance, but I will have to write down all my settings if I change them next summer.

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