How network connectivity improvises building management systems

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Network connected building are advanced infrastructures that are powered by automation technology. These system have various components of the building connected through controlled central hub. Be it an industrial settlement or field services, this technology is now of foremost importance because the number of people in the office or residential building is increasing each day. The need for optimal power utilisation and security of the people working grabs the attention. Now is the time when the scope is rapidly increasing, and builders or homemakers make sure that they install building management system during the time of construction.

Predictive maintenance system makes it possible to predict any shortcomings or failures that might occur in the building. It can either be related to security, lifts, lighting, water etc. It is an essential aspect in both residential and industrial building because it ensures optimal power and water utilisation. The system avoids unwanted power utilisation thus reducing the overall maintenance cost. Ultimately, the electricity bills also reduce.

It is an ocean of delight for industrial setup because a network connectivity at the workplace and the data centre enables the following:

  • Security of cloud based data stored in the network
  • Makes the data remotely accessible thus removing all physical barriers of work
  • As the data becomes remotely accessible, it ensures better workforce and performance throughout the plant

Schneider Electric India is a company working in the direction of automating the industrial and residential building management system. Moreover, it is one such firm that ensures that the advancements and developments happening in this sector are sustainable and can be beneficial for the future.

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