Evolution Lisboa – A Connected Hotel Enhancing the Guest Experience through an EcoXpert Partner

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Optimizing guest comfort and control with a connected hotel

The Evolution Lisboa Hotel, a new hotel located in Lisbon, Portugal is not only a new facility but one that runs on a world-class hotel system and modern technology. The connected hotel attracts many customers who are fortunate to experience the finest comforts with great convenience. You might wonder what that entails – get this: Guests can control their rooms through their smartphone or tablet by simply downloading an app. This control includes room settings such as lighting, curtains, temperature, and more. But it’s not only the guests that have this sort of ability, hotel managers and staff can do the same from the front desk or even remotely allowing them to monitor and control the entire building.

evolution lisboa connected hotelManagers can even access live reports and set controls based on occupancy. Rooms and areas of the hotel that are unoccupied can be partially disconnected to save energy.

“We are able, in real time and anywhere in the world, to be connected online and understand, floor by floor, the occupancy rate, the average temperature of the floor, how many rooms are booked that day, how many are still to arrive, if the guest is in the room or not,” said the Evolution Hotel technical director.

Managed by an EcoXpert

Easycontrol, one of our trained and certified EcoXpert™ partners provided this seamless integration to the Evolution Lisboa, the newly connected hotel. Headquartered in Maia, Portugal, Easycontrol is one of 3,000 EcoXpert partner companies worldwide. To help Easycontrol manage this project are their two out of the seven possible EcoXpert badge certifications, building management systems (BMS) and light and room control. Easycontrol’s BMS badge certification signifies their proven expertise in delivering optimized facility and energy efficiency, comfort and safety through HVAC controls and applications. Whereas their Light and Room Control badge indicates their expertise in deploying advanced home automation, lighting control and small building management systems, to improve comfort, increase energy savings and optimize efficiency through advanced user interfaces that offer simple control. As an EcoXpert partner, Easycontrol, had full access to Schneider Electric’s offer portfolio and experts to assist them in providing the Evolution Lisboa facility with a single interface for all their hotel operations.EcoXperts create connected hotel

Creating an innovative and interactive experience for connected hotel guests was not all that Easycontrol accomplished. The company also provided cost-effective and energy efficient benefits with lots of savings involved for Evolution Lisboa. The hotel’s energy costs are 40% less than estimated to be. This has resulted in €35k (about $40.5k) below the estimated energy bill. Talk about saving money!

Watch how this partnership truly enhanced the overall experience at Evolution Lisboa.

The solution that made it all possible

You might be wondering what is included in Schneider Electric’s offer portfolio that Easycontrol has access to, making all this possible. The answer is: EcoStruxure™. This includes Connected Products, Edge Control, and Apps, Analytics & Services. Providing innovation at every level, EcoStruxure for Hotels is what enabled the management of guest room management systems such as air conditioning units, room settings, energy management and alarm management through a single solution for Evolution Lisboa. EcoStuxure is Schneider Electric’s open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture and platform that delivers enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity for customers. This incredible partnership allowed Easycontrol to successfully create a state-of-the-art facility for both guests and staff of this fully connected hotel.

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