Reason #7 to become an EcoXpert: Surf the IoT wave

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Welcome to my seventh blog in the Top 10 Reasons to Become an EcoXpert Partner series, centered around the IoT Wave!

More often than not, big technology predictions fizzle out or fail to live up to the hype. But sometimes, a technology barrels right past the hype and disrupts everything. The Internet fits that description, and now it’s looking like the Internet of Things, or IoT, will be just as important in its own way now that companies are riding the IoT wave.

Forbes’ IoT forecast gives an idea of how big the IoT market is becoming, citing major trends such as:

  • The IoT market will grow to $457B by 2020 (28.5% Compound Annual Growth Rate)
  • Biggest IoT spending will be in Discrete Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, and Utilities
  • B2B IoT segments will generate more than $300B annually by 2020IoT wave

The IoT wave is sweeping over every business and industrial sector. If you’re in building automation and energy management, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the impact of IoT on everything from technology to business models.

When you think about it, however, our industry has been evolving toward the IoT for years now. Intelligent controllers such as room controllers, were a step on that direction. Wireless technology was another, and the cloud yet another.

No one has a crystal ball on exactly what the IoT will mean to building automation, smart buildings, power monitoring, and energy management, but there are some guideposts for how a company can position itself to ride the IoT wave. The key is to understand how to gather and use all the information available about a building or enterprise to create healthier, more sustainable indoor environments. This requires intelligent components, networks, integration, user apps, data mining and analytics, and more. And, since technology will keep advancing, businesses in our industry need to be nimble in adapting new technologies and methods into their solutions.

These are issues on which Schneider Electric has been leading for years, and the EcoXpert Partner Program was created specifically to make our knowledge and experience available to systems integrators, specifiers, panel builders, electricians, and other technology companies. From the start, our vision has been to become the world’s leading network of expertise in our industry, pioneering the future of intelligent buildings and the Internet of Things.

The EcoXpert™ program can help you surf the IoT wave in several ways:

  • First, by joining the program, you become part of a worldwide network of solution providers who share ideas and knowledge, and work together to deliver innovative and integrated total solutions. EcoXpert partners don’t have to be experts in everything, because they’re part of a larger team that does have the expertise needed.
  • Second, EcoXpert partners have access to our advanced education courses on a wide range of topics–from specific product and technology training, to the theory and practice of how to leverage the IoT in your business. So, if your business wants to grow expertise in any area, you can, with training from top experts in the field.
  • Third, and perhaps most importantly, you gain access to the knowledge and experience of Schneider Electric, and to our industry-leading solutions. Through technologies such as our EcoStruxure Power and EcoStruxure Building solution architectures, you can better serve customers by connecting them to data, integrating connected products, and delivering an advanced product portfolio that differentiates you in the market and allows you to take on the most cutting-edge IoT applications.

We can’t predict the future of IoT, but through the EcoXpert program, we can help your business ride the IoT wave and build a more successful business.

To learn more about EcoXpert Partner Program, visit our website.IoT wave - EcoXpert Program

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