Digital hospitals need EcoXpert healthcare specialists

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Digital hospitals are complex ecosystems with several stakeholders and goals in highly regulated environments. Facility managers have many opportunities to enhance operational efficiency, patient satisfaction and safety for all in digital hospitals.

The ability to leverage insights, which are derived from facility assets with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), is essential to achieve the goals in digital hospitals.EcoXpert Logo for Digital Hospitals

Value-added services, with actionable insights from IoT-enabled assets, enriched by AI, help ensure three things: quality care, healthcare access and an affordable cost of healthcare for payees and payers in smarter ways. While EcoStruxure for Healthcare enables us to use IoT and AI to power the insights that healthcare facility manager’s need, collaboration is key to acquire the facility optimization and intelligence abilities.

EcoXperts who execute and optimize healthcare facility projects are essential partners in this collaborative picture and even critical in terms of agile solution deployment for smarter patient-centric healthcare.


Evidence-based decisions in healthcare facilities

Last Summer, Chris Roberts wrote about how business growth and enhanced patient care in healthcare facilities are often fueled by technology innovation. In a recent guest blog published on i-Scoop, Chris explained the role of two technological innovations in digital healthcare facilities: IoT and AI.

Together, IoT and AI provide the data and predictable patterns needed for evidence-based decisions. This enables facility managers to move to a conditions-based and proactive approach regarding critical equipment and services. As a result, this leads to improved operational efficiency, energy efficiency, lower risks of downtime and better ways to prioritize and plan maintenance.

EcoXpert Innovation for Digital Hospitals

Hospital facility managers want to understand how data is managed and used to enable collaboration between care providers and optimize daily operations of smart digital hospitals and enterprises. EcoStruxure for Healthcare helps to achieve this by aggregating, analyzing and presenting all the data from assets. As a result, this offers stronger, simpler, and more advanced decision and optimization services for the facilities team and builds a strong foundation for a truly digital hospital.

EcoXpert for healthcare: plan for the future, not just for today

In the i-Scoop blog, Chris touches on a third crucial element: collaboration.

While IT and OT will lead to even more use cases, making them work requires the involvement of all stakeholders such as executives, clinical providers, and facility managers.

In healthcare facility projects, this collaborative ecosystem also includes contractors and technology partners, such as our certified EcoXperts.

On top of the need to have a common vision and share the same goals when leveraging AI and IoT, partners and contractors have an essential role to play as they deploy and optimize projects in healthcare projects. The three pillars of the EcoXpert specialization for healthcare are first, empowering them to understand and realize the benefits of IoT and AI; second to dispose of the best solution architectures; and third, to fulfill their role in the collaborative healthcare facility ecosystem.

The EcoXpert healthcare specialization can be attained by our partners with EcoXpert certifications in critical power or BMS.

We invite you to join the ranks of our knowledgeable and trusted EcoXpert partners in healthcare and see how you can help improve healthcare through building management, power monitoring, better facility intelligence, and deep know-how of the healthcare industry.

As Chris Roberts says in the guest blog: “The modern, digital hospital is an integrated reality that requires the collaboration between several partners, who have the foresight to plan for the future, not just for today.”

Discover EcoXpert and plan for today and the future.

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