Is Your Building Designed to Help People Thrive?

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Have you heard the story about Greg and his building at Boston Scientific?  If you’ve ever heard me speak to a group of facility managers, I’ve probably told you!  Before using Building Advisor from Schneider Electric, Greg had found himself wasting time looking into things that weren’t broken and sometimes missed other issues that required his attention.  With Building Advisor’s predictive analytics, now he wastes less time and addresses issues in his building that help improve building operational efficiency and increase employee productivity.

That’s what this blog is about- how EcoStruxure Building, The Open Innovation Platform of Buildings, can help facility managers like Greg take care of their building so the people inside can thrive.

EcoStruxure Building Advisor recommends prioritized actions for the facility manager.

With 75% of a building’s life cycle costs in maintenance and operations, it is critical to get this part right.  By being proactive versus reactive about maintenance using analytics and deep insights, we can significantly increase a building’s overall efficiency.  It’s hard to believe that up to 45% of energy used by HVAC systems is wasted1 due to faults and that as much as 40% of workspace is not used2.  EcoStruxure Building is designed to enable facility managers to discover facts about their buildings and make informed decisions for workspace utilization, proactive maintenance and even fault detection- enabling them to thrive in their roles and contribute to their company’s bottom line.

For our EcoXperts (System Integration Partners), EcoStruxure Building allows them to win and grow through simplified engineering and commissioning and differentiated solutions for their customers.  The platform enables EcoXperts to save time, finish early, and do more projects regardless of scale.  Also, the openness of the platform allows for integration with other OT or IT systems like Nurse calling system or Guest management system or getting data into a cloud environment to build application to meet customer’s unique business needs.  These new features are designed to help our EcoXperts thrive by servicing their customers with innovative solutions

Lastly, our solutions help make buildings more engaging by helping to keep people comfortable and productive.  We spend most of our time in buildings, and people are by far the largest investment per square foot in commercial offices.  In commercial offices, employees account for 90 per cent of a building’s expenses and attracting and retaining talent is one of the biggest challenges companies face.  A comfortable work environment really matters.  In fact, 35% of sick leave3 can be attributed to poor ventilation in buildings.   When we look at the hotel industry, we see similar trends.  Almost 50% of complaints4 result from guest room problems – the room is either too warm or too cool or a request wasn’t fulfilled properly.   These complaints can result in significant erosion of guest loyalty if not dealt with properly or prevented in the first place.

EcoStruxure Building lets organizations unlock the productivity of their people, and it does this with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions. Catering to all players in the ecosystem, this innovative solution makes buildings and the people within them work smarter by driving efficiency, comfort, and productivity. Whether it’s EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor or Guest Room Expert, or EcoStruxure Building Advisor or Building Operation, the result is a more efficient and effective workplace. These EcoStruxure solutions help organizations reduce productivity leakage by 15 percent and field 33 percent fewer complaints.

People can do amazing things when they are in an environment where they feel comfortable and productive.  By improving efficiency, optimizing work spaces, and creating comfortable, productive environments, EcoStruxure Building frees up thousands of hours each year for the people inside our buildings.  Who knows what bold ideas someone might think of in that freed-up time?

To learn more about our bold ideas for buildings, watch the Schneider Electric World Premiere and hear Greg’s story at Boston Scientific in his own words.  Or to read about the megatrends driving change in today’s smart buildings, read our blog on Buildings Re-Invented.

In 2018, we are launching some exciting capabilities for our customers and EcoXperts in EcoStruxure Building. I will be writing more about these capabilities in the coming weeks so check back for additional content.

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