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If your job is facility management, you’ve noted the accelerated pace of change. Tech and software innovation have pushed past simply managing energy consumption. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) allows even greater connectivity between systems. For instance, sensors—either built-in or retrofitted—collect and record data constantly. That data feeds software systems and when connected to services, gives you the means to more effectively harness and interpret that data to gain better insight and ultimately find and fix problems before they happen. The possibilities and implications of facility optimization are limitless.

The evolution from energy management to facility optimization

Facility operations have evolved past the reactive state of energy management by taking advantage of optimization solutions that help save money, lower risk and improve efficiency. Finding the best solution can be a daunting process though, and facility optimization software is no small investment. That’s why independent research firm Verdantix recently compared 14 facility optimization software applications to help buyers save time, reduce costs and mitigate risks when selecting products and suppliers.

Based on its proprietary Green Quadrant methodology, Verdantix published the findings in a new “Green Quadrant Facility Optimization Software” report that positions Schneider Electric as a leader. This report aims to guide C-suite executives and other decision makers in choosing the software supplier that best matches the performance needs of their facility.

By combining benchmark data from live product demonstrations and questionnaires with an independent customer panel, the report analysis explores how facility optimization applications best help firms achieve business objectives. The report also provides criteria for buyers to use when shortlisting software suppliers. That criteria includes asking how well the solution scales, if it can integrate with existing meters and controls, as well as its data management capabilities.

What puts Schneider Electric on the leaderboard

As part of this report, Verdantix examined Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ Building offers and noted the following strengths using a ratings scale of 0 to 3:

  • Energy risk and utility bill management. Schneider Electric received high marks for its utility bill management (2.5) and energy procurement and risk management functions (2.9). By pairing EcoStruxure Resource Advisor software with support teams that help customers with their managed services, Schneider Electric manages over $30 billion in energy procurement spending for clients in industries such as hospitality, retail and healthcare. Schneider Electric also provides customer support with the creation of bid and scenario analysis to aid in energy procurement decision-making.
  • Facility data capture. With a combined score of 2.4 for its facility performance data capture function, Schneider Electric received a best-in-class score of 3.0 for its ability to capture data from energy meters, and a 2.0 each for its ability to capture data from sensors, HVAC and lighting systems, equipment and external sources such as weather data. The review also notes how the EcoStruxure platform supports open protocols and integrates with both Schneider Electric building management system (BMS) – EcoStruxure Building Operation – as well as third-party BMS, lighting and other devices and systems for smart buildings.
  • Energy monitoring and tracking of energy management projects. Schneider Electric scored 2.3 for its energy monitoring and targeting capabilities. That score breaks down to a best-in-class score of 3.0 for the ability to identify energy efficiency opportunities and 2.0 for target setting and trend analysis. By providing insights into HVAC system performance and faults, EcoStruxure Building Advisor automatically identifies performance issues and offers prioritized maintenance recommendations as well as the expected financial payback from corrective actions.

As part of its review, Verdantix notes which buyer types should include Schneider Electric on their shortlist. These include:

  • Organizations with complex facility operations who seek to future-proof building system investments such as Schneider Electric customer Moorfields Eye Hospitals and other critical facilities that cannot tolerate lapses in system performance.
  • Firms with mature energy and facility optimization strategies such as Hilton and Marriott International as well as PNC Arena.
  • Those who must update and integrate installed systems with newer equipment will also see advantages in choosing the Schneider Electric portfolio.

Take action today with a smart building plan for facility optimization

If your organization wants to expand past reactive maintenance and energy management, now is the time to explore a more comprehensive smart building plan for facility optimization. Download the “Verdantix Green Quadrant Facility Optimization Software” report to learn more about using EcoStruxure Building as the backbone of your smart building strategy.

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