Reason #6 to become an EcoXpert: Collaboration

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Welcome to my sixth blog in the Top 10 Reasons to Become an EcoXpert Partner series, centered around collaboration!

Have you ever lost a project bid or contract because you lacked a specific area of expertise that the project scope required? This is precisely where collaboration plays an integral role in broadening your bid scope.

No business can be expert at everything. But you can increase your chances of landing contracts when you have partners locally – and globally – who are willing and ready to team up with you. EcoXpert Generic Logo

That’s one of the most important advantages of the EcoXpert™ Partner Program, a partnership between Schneider Electric and some 4,000 systems integrators, specifiers, panel builders, electricians, and other technology partner companies worldwide. EcoXpert partners are trained and certified in our IoT-activated architecture and platform, EcoStruxure™, equipping them with some of the most-sought-after skill sets in their industries and enabling them to deliver Innovation At Every Level.

Collaboration not only improves the chances of winning business, it also results in state-of-the-art solutions and loyal, satisfied customers—not to mention positive publicity for cutting-edge projects.

Collaboration: Coast to coast

Often, large companies work closely with partners on large or challenging projects. This collaboration is especially productive in the EcoXpert program because those partners have received our most advanced training, making it easier for us to work as a team in terms of technology and expertise.

Here are just a few examples of the attention-getting projects we’ve collaborated on all over the world with our EcoXpert partners:

  • In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we partnered with EcoXpert partner, KFM Systems, to upgrade the famed Petronas Towers to a truly smart building. As you likely know, the Petronas Towers are the largest twin structures in the world at 1,483 feet and 88 floors. Our collaboration efforts created a fully integrated, smart building management solution n encompassing energy, lighting, fire safety, HVAC, and power management. The project was completed without disrupting the tenants, and the building is now expected to qualify as a Gold-level Green Building.
  • In South Africa, the Green Wave Group collaborated closely with us to make our previous regional headquarters in Johannesburg a showcase for energy-efficient buildings. The building has been awarded a LEED Silver rating, indicating a high degree of energy efficiency and sustainability, with 80% of peak electrical demand generated from on-site solar.
  • In Lisbon, Portugal, Schneider Electric partnered with EcoXpert partner, EasyControl, to create a new concept in interactive and ecological guest experiences. Guests have full control of their guest rooms through their own smart devices, adjusting lighting, curtains, air conditioning, and room scenes in a seamless experience. Meanwhile, the hotel is saving an estimated 40% on energy costs!

Collaboration: Partner to partner

Sometimes multiple partners come together to deliver a solution that is truly world-class. One of the best examples, which I’ve mentioned before, is the Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, Florida, a state-of-the-art hospital that provides care for some of the toughest pediatric diseases on the planet. Four of our partners (one of which, MC2, is a Master EcoXpert in BMS and Critical Power) joined forces to create a power management system that monitors and delivers exactly the right power to all the vital equipment that helps the hospital care for sick children from around the world.

Watch this incredible collaboration story, among four expert partners, unfold through video:

Here’s another example: Three companies—Heptacom, Minerg, and Group E-Connect—recently completed a project for a major international organization. The solution includes more than 800 room controllers as part of a fully integrated system for building management and security. The project received Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert Project of the Month award in November 2016.

Collaboration is more than a buzzword for EcoXpert partners. It’s a core goal of our program. We bring experts together to deliver solutions that raise the bar on what can be accomplished in energy and power management—and that open up new opportunities for our valued partners all around the world!

Learn how your company can start collaboration today with the EcoXpert partner program today.

Share your story below. Tell me about how collaboration has helped you win new projects or enhance your solution offering!

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