Reason #4 To Become an EcoXpert: Training and Employee Talent

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Welcome to my 4th blog in this “Why Become an EcoXpert” series!

Question: What’s more important to your business–technology or people?

Answer: Yes.

It’s a trick question of course. In the business of energy efficiency and building management, you need strong technology innovation to provide the best solutions. And you need highly-skilled people to design, install, and support those solutions. Training is key.

But when you think about it, technology is a lot easier to find than people. The latest smart building management or power management technology is available from many technology providers, or soon will be. The real issue is the people on your team who must first learn, then perfect, then deploy that technology efficiently, reliably, and knowledgeably…and stay up-to-date as technology advances.

So, the question is: How do you keep your team on the cutting edge of evolving technologies and digital innovations, year after year? This answer is: Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert Partner Program.

Training EcoXpert partners for success

Education and training is a main focus in the EcoXpert program. The quality of this training is why more than 3,000 companies have joined the program as certified experts so far.

You can read more about our education resources here, but briefly, EcoXpert partners can take advanced courses at one of our international training centers in various specialties, and receive either a Certified or Master badge in different categories:

  • Connected Power – Electrical distribution systems to improve the overall energy use of for customers and deliver optimized energy savings.
  • Critical Power – Power management solutions, using advanced metering networks, power quality management, and enterprise software tools to help large and critical buildings manage energy costs, improve electrical system reliability, and optimize electrical equipment performance.
  • Light & Room Control – Deploying advanced home automation, lighting control, and small building management systems to improve comfort, increase energy savings, and optimize efficiency.
  • Datacom – Deploying network connectivity structured cabling systems to help customers improve the reliability, security, and performance of their IT networks.
  • Building Management Systems – Delivering optimized facility and energy efficiency, comfort, and safety through HVAC applications, and integrating with access control, video surveillance, lighting control, and power distribution systems.

Expanding your team’s knowledge base through training is one of the best ways to open up new business opportunities. A good example is EcoXpert partner, Green Wave Group, which helped create a high-performance headquarters building for Schneider Electric in South Africa. With Master badges in BMS, Critical Power, and Light & Room Control, Green Wave was able to integrate all building systems, including solar panels that generate up to 80% of peak electrical demand. Wow, now that’s an impressive demonstration of skilled talent.

What’s more, becoming a certified partner unlocks all the other benefits of the EcoXpert program, which I’ve been writing about in these blogs. As an EcoXpert partner, you become part of a global collaborative community of experts who work together to uncover and share opportunities, and help pioneer the future of intelligent buildings.

Most importantly, you grow your business! As a spokesman for Green Wave said, “Schneider Electric has played a big role in helping us grow the company. And the technology speaks for itself.”

We say “yes” to that! Visit our EcoXpert page to learn how you can join the program.

And, check out my three prior blogs in this series on the benefits of: Networking, Differentiation, and Business Growth. Next week, I will publish reason #5!

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