Reason #2 to Become an EcoXpert: Differentiate Your Expertise and Your Business

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Last week I talked about the importance and value that our EcoXpert network brings to its members. This week is all about differentiation, which is vital in capturing market share. See the entire Reasons to become and EcoXpert Blog series.

EcoXpert is like Where's Waldo

Much like the “Where’s Waldo” game, the EcoXpert network makes up a myriad of hidden or camouflaged characters that your customers should find.

A silly game, you might say. Except that’s pretty much how things look to a building owner or facility manager looking to hire a solution provider in building automation, advanced power management, or energy efficiency. Standing out in a crowded field is essential to your success. If they can’t find you, how will you get the business?

The EcoXpert network – a technology solution…and a business decision

Standing out in building automation is made even harder by the fact that while today’s world requires advanced innovation and technology, it’s always a business decision for your customers. So, in order to compete, you need both excellent solution capability and savvy business branding.

This brings me to reason #2 for joining the EcoXpert network and program: Differentiation. You can learn more about the EcoXpert program here, but briefly, it’s a partnership between Schneider Electric and some 3,000 of the world’s leading systems integrators, specifiers, panel builders, electricians, and other technology partner companies. What sets the program apart is its emphasis on every aspect of technology and business. And, the program’s commitment to enabling the business growth of our partners.

On the technology front, EcoXpert network partners have access to Schneider Electric’s comprehensive solution portfolio, including environment and security, smart building automation, power monitoring and management, remote monitoring, data analysis, as well as its IoT-activated EcoStruxure architecture and platforms – all with open integration with other systems.

This is combined with world-class training in Connected Power, Critical Power, Light & Room Control, Datacom, and Building Automation, with certifications up to the Master level. Essentially, EcoXpert network partners gain the shared knowledge of a global leader in energy management and building optimization.

On the business side, the program fosters and encourages collaboration among partners, which not only increases your technical expertise, it also opens up new opportunities. (See my last blog on reason #1 for joining the program “Networking”.)

EcoXpert partners also share the opportunities and brand recognition that come from working with a global company. (The EcoXpert program was awarded 5 stars in CRN’s 2017 Partner Program Guide.) We actively promote our EcoXpert network partners through case studies and press releases, which are published on our website and digital platforms, and made available worldwide. For example, in recent months we have published partner stories from all over the world. Take a moment to watch these success videos from EcoXpert network partners in New Zealand and the USA, or to read about this smart building case from France.

At Schneider Electric, we constantly look beyond the norm to provide innovative solutions, both in technology and in the way we do business. That’s why EcoXpert is more than a partner program. It’s a global brand and partnership that ignites new opportunities for your business growth, all by helping you stand out from the crowd.

In the third blog of this series, published next week, we’ll look at how the EcoXpert Partner Program helps foster your growth.

Share your thoughts with me on becoming an EcoXpert partner! Leave a comment below.

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