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The new IoT business model

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Earlier this year I explained how IoT is changing the business model of our partners. At the center of this transformation are the intelligence and actions that can be derived from networks of IoT devices, sensors and things. This intelligence, based upon data, analytics and the platforms enabling it all, opens up new windows of opportunities and makes new business models possible for our EcoXpert partners with impressive benefits for themselves and their customers.

IoT helps to connected the unconnectable, so our EcoXpert partners grow their recurrent services business. We see the game-changing role of IoT each day across our expert and partner ecosystem. While our partners are expanding their value and knowledge, the EcoXpert Partner Program and solutions of Schneider Electric are designed to help them leverage the benefits of IoT and EcoXpert in the smartest, most efficient and strategic way.

The benefits and transformations of IoT and EcoXpert in practice

The first question I would like to tackle is how IoT and its benefits are changing and will continue to change various EcoXpert certifications such as critical power management, building management systems (BMS), connected power, Light and Room control and so on.

This summer all our EcoXpert certification managers were interviewed on the role of IoT and EcoXpert within their specialization, showing how fast and profound IoT is impacting their field. A few takeaways to explain both the benefits and real-life impact of IoT and EcoXpert for all our partners and their customers.

  • In Critical Power, IoT and pervasive advanced metering already respond to evolving critical power availability and reliability needs as Critical Power badge owner, Kevin Morin, explains. Kevin also tackles an ongoing integration whereby in the world of ever more IoT and connected applications, silos of infrastructure will become a thing of the past.
  • IoT, evolving expectations from building owners, regulations and technological evolutions have turned the BMS into the digital hub and center of connectivity as BMS EcoXpert badge owner Martin Feder describes. It’s equally a convergence that goes hand in hand with decentralization on the IoT level. In his interview, Martin explains how the intelligence is moving further in the field to the edge, which enables to learn how the building is operating and autonomous decision making in the building.
  • Our Light & Room Control expert, Jean Commeignes, illustrates how IoT and connected technologies enable smart building versatility and in his interview provides an overview on the astonishing impact of IoT in room control functions, asset management and endless applications for home automation in the present and future.
  • The evolutions in the market and in our EcoXpert network are not just about larger, smart buildings and home automation. Connected Power badge owner, Enrique Berlinga, explains how maintenance and continuity of service can be guaranteed with a service level and analytics on top of connected products and edge control to enhance energy efficiency but also to make electrical contractors more profitable.EcoXpert Program

How to leverage the benefits of IoT and EcoXpert for your building and business

Overall, we see how IoT enables to add ever more intelligence on all levels and de facto leads to more integration. It is not a coincidence that a growing number of EcoXpert partners go for multiple certifications as customers expect more and silos disappear with IP and IoT as the backbones.

Schneider Electric is leading the way in the integration of IoT, data analytics, cloud, and emerging technologies for better and more efficient buildings … and our EcoXpert partners are leading the way to put it all in practice.

That brings me to my second question: how can you leverage the benefits of IoT for your business?

Digitize or Die

Joining the EcoXpert partner program is a good start. However, in practice, we see that the possibilities of IoT sometimes aren’t understood well enough yet.

While our EcoXpert partner program addresses the actual usage of IoT and its benefits through the quality of its approach and of its partners, there is a need for a better understanding of IoT and how to use it in a smart and strategic way. It’s the reason why I’m about to release an IoT book, entitled ‘Digitize or Die’ where all these aspects of IoT are tackled. It touches upon the transformational dimension of IoT, the various technologies and protocols and what you should know as an executive in order to turn the IoT into business value with a clear and actionable roadmap.

Although ‘Digitize or Die’ is a personal initiative, it couldn’t have been realized without the real-world evolutions in IoT as we see them each day at Schneider Electric, in the knowledge of our EcoXpert community and across the numerous projects of our partners.

As Kevin Morin wrote earlier this year, successfully leveraging IoT is not just about technologies, processes and the convergence of IT and OT. It’s most of all a matter of the right partnerships, the human element and ecosystems of trust and value. The latter isn’t just described in the book. It’s also the essence of EcoXpert. Or to quote Jaimie Giarrusso: EcoXpert is about cultivating collaboration and innovation.

The essence and benefits of partnerships in IoT: the EcoXpert advantage

To answer the third question of why it’s essential to understand the transformational impact of IoT now it’s key to know that things go fast, that we’re at an IoT inflection point and that the windows of opportunity are closing fast as each market gets disrupted and every stakeholder in the overall building and energy space faces changes and challenges.

More importantly, however: IoT helps your business and buildings be more valuable, efficient and relevant. The book explains how to do it, the EcoXpert program enables you to do it and the EcoStruxure architecture and Schneider Electric solutions offer the tools to do it.

A final word on the value of IoT for our present and future partners and their customers. Earlier this year CRN awarded the EcoXpert partner program with 5 stars. In a recent interview with CRN on digital transformation and building an IoT channel, at the occasion of the launch of ‘Digitize or Die’ I was asked about the role of EcoXpert and IoT for channel partners and their customers.

The answer: we are transforming to help the channel to keep up with IoT, which is mainly about expanding their expertise and business because end users are looking for well-trained partners who understand the market, and are able to explain the value proposition. Partners, it’s key in IoT too.

Discover the benefits of IoT and EcoXpert and, most of all, discover the benefits of EcoXpert for our partners. I’m curious as to your thoughts and invite you to tell me below.

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