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How an EcoXpert Ensures the Maintenance and Continuity of Service

The cost versus efficiency challenge

Nowadays, building management is highly challenged by cost optimization and efficiency at all levels. It has become necessary to optimise the CAPEX, by increasing the asset lifespan and ensuring the processes keep running the best possible way. This is where an EcoXpert partner, trained and certified by Schneider Electric, provides the most value.

Preventive maintenance becomes essential, and the building owners search for total peace of mind, taking a complete maintenance contract that ensures the continuity of service all the time.

Schneider Electric EcoXpert Program

The business is transforming itself. From the electrical equipment installation and commissioning towards the maintenance and service proposition. The relationship between a Connected Power EcoXpert and the end user is evolving also; what was once a one-time solution provider is now becoming a lengthy and trusted partnership over several years.

EcoStruxure Power, a Schneider Electric architecture, is a complete system of smart electrical dashboards that can alert at any time when there is an event on the installation or even before the breakdown appears. The solution consists of smart devices capable to send the right information, at the right moment, to the cloud and with Facility Expert a SaaS (Service as a Software) tool, collecting the information and transforms it in real time notifications. This is extremely useful in the case of maintenance contracts with SLA, where the end user expects zero breakdowns and zero downtime.

EcoXpert Partners Integrate the EcoStruxure Power Architecture

EcoStruxure Architecture

  1. Connected products: detect overloads at the level of specific equipment (fan, pump, lighting circuit, bathrooms…) or that the protecting miniature circuit-breaker has tripped.
  2. Edge control: integrates the monitoring on site or remotely. The overloads or trips identified by the connected products can be communicated in real time to the maintenance team.
  3. Apps, Analytics and Services: allow you to analyze critical data of assets or energy consumption and improve it.

Connected Power EcoXpert Solution

What are the benefits?

  • Propose value to the maintenance of the technical installation (lighting, security, and electrical systems) by knowing early on the failure of an equipment and ensure the continuity of service of your customers
  • Reduce mean time to repair with faster troubleshooting as you will identify easily similar breakdown cause and access operational data, repair logs and technical documentation
  • See and follow at anytime and anywhere the status of the installations of your customers
  • To be optimal in the maintenance management (saving time on trips to your customers) thanks to the remote monitoring
  • Don’t forget anything: ensure the preventive maintenance tasks according to your contracts, thanks to the task manager for preventive maintenance.
  • Declare the inspections/tasks done/on going and create the reports directly on site

Want to learn more about our EcoStruxure architecture and platform – or our EcoXpert Partner Program?

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