Schneider Electric Com’X 510 – All-Inclusive Energy Management Solution

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Com'X 510As a follow-up to my recent blog, Turn your electrical distribution into a load center? Why and How?, this blog focuses on the Energy Server Com’X 510 solution, expertly installed by Schneider Electric’s network of certified EcoXpert partners.

Simplicity comes to energy management

This simple energy management solution collects and stores energy data from electrical distribution devices, smart panels, environmental sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels in a building), and WAGES metering devices. The easy-to-navigate software analyzes real-time data and historical data, providing customers with a comprehensive view of their energy consumption and enabling the implementation of energy-efficient actions and predictive maintenance.

EcoXpert Installed - Com'X 510 Screenshot

Energy Server Com’X 510 forms one part of your total energy management solution. The plug-and-play software helps building automation customers monitor their energy assets and identify opportunities to save energy and lower energy bills. It has the capability to log and store two years’ worth of data and embedded web pages, meaning all your energy data can be viewed and managed onsite.

EcoXpert Installed - Com'X 510 Architecture

Key benefits of the Energy Server Com’X 510

  • Quick fitting – into electrical switchboards thanks to DIN rail clipping and profile
  • Embedded energy management software – provides the end user with immediate visibility of energy consumption
  • Gateway – data from connected devices is available in real time
  • Data publisher – batches of collected and stored data can also be periodically transmitted to an internet server as XML and CSV filesEcoXpert Program

The Com’X 510 can be setup and configured very quickly thanks to its built-in web pages. This includes automatic detection and IP address assignment by operating system computers and also automatic detection and recognition of other Schneider Electric devices. The interface also offers advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting features, where should the user require further assistance, our certified network of Connected Power EcoXperts are well-trained to assist.

Com'X 510 screenshot

Our EcoXpert partner network is dedicated to providing customers with solutions that help them manage their energy and processes in ways that are safe, reliable and sustainable. The Energy Server Com’X 510 helps end users receive a comprehensive overview of all energy consumption to help identify cost-effective energy saving measures.

Check out this demo!

Username: demo

Password: Com’X510

Com'X 510 demo

Com’X is more than a common data logger

The Com’X provides the end-user with immediate visibility into energy consumption throughout the site. As soon as the Com’X is connected to the Local Area Network (LAN), several web pages are accessible via any standard web browser, (without a plug-in or additional components). These web pages display real-time data as it is collected, in easy-to-understand tabular and summary formats.

In addition, users can get a simple analysis of historical data in a bar graph or trending formats. It has embedded energy management software that is scalable with output for load control. It is designed for smooth Greenfield/Brownfield installation by a non-IT expert; automatic detection on a PC, SE device library has pre-configured parameters (pulse weights, energy data pre-selection, Unit Of Measures). It shall be possible to define a different logging interval for each of six different WAGES device types. It shall be able to calculate the cumulated ON time of any digital input.

Com’X is positioned as “energy management in a box” because no additional software is required. Yet, it is scalable and easily integrated into to a larger energy management system as future needs require. Our EcoXpert partner network is ready to assist you in achieving the maximum from your installation, providing personalized consultation and recommendations.

Ask me your questions, and tell me your thoughts on the Com’X Energy Management solution.

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