A Customer Testimonial Spans a 15-year EcoXpert Partnership

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We talk a lot about the EcoXpert™ Program, and how Schneider Electric partners with system integrators and technology providers all over the world to deliver some of the most innovative solutions in the industry. We usually talk about things like technology, training, and business growth … all of which helps our EcoXpert partners win in the marketplace.

But there’s another winning side to an EcoXpert partnership … it’s the relationship between our EcoXpert partners and our shared customers. This is the relationship that makes the program so successful and enables our EcoXpert partners to shine.Watson

I just released a brand-new customer case study featuring EcoXpert partner, Future Controls, Inc., and leading healthcare provider, Watson Clinic LLP. It’s a story of trust, dedication, success and longevity – and a perfect example of the importance of partnership at every level.

15 years in the making for this EcoXpert partnership 

Future Controls is an HVAC specialist and BMS-certified EcoXpert partner, based in Florida. In 2001, they were hired by Watson Clinic to install a building management system for their network of general and specialized medical facilities in Central Florida. Future Controls installed Schneider Electric’s legacy system, TAC I/NET™, to help Watson Clinic control costs while maintaining the comfort and safety of patients, staff and visitors.

What started as one building automation installation has evolved over the years into a series of facility upgrades and enhancements, forming a trusted partnership that is still going strong today. Watson Clinic has called on Future Controls year-over-year to update virtually every aspect of its building management systems, to include: HVAC, lighting, power metering, chilled water controls, boiler systems, variable fan drives, surge protection, and clean room monitoring.

Now, more than 15 years later, the esteemed healthcare clinic is still upgrading several of its facilities, striving for excellence in patient care, comfort, and experience. Its latest enhancement is the migration from TAC I/NET to Schneider Electric’s state-of-the-art StruxureWare™ Building Operation. Truly putting their patients above all else, Watson Clinic’s mission is to “provide comprehensive medical services of the highest quality, in the most cost effective manner, while constantly improving excellence in the best interest of patient care.” I believe that the EcoXpert program, with partners like Future Controls, help enable Watson Clinic to achieve its mission.

What’s the secret?

What’s the secret to maintaining a 15-year partnership that continues to deliver value add? Well, I can offer you three perspectives, directly from the members of this three-way partnership:

  1. Gary Picklesimer, director of facilities for Watson Clinic, says the relationship has helped them focus on their patients, “Future Controls has been able to offer us innovative, expert solutions. Their help has proven to be immeasurable.”
  2. Bryan Scarborough, business development manager of Future Controls, says the relationship is based on unwavering trust, “We can sit in the room and be honest with each other, and solve problems, like a real management team. Of course, it helps to work with a customer who is committed to maintaining high-quality building automation systems.”
  3. Mike Willover, sales manager at Schneider Electric, partially attributes the success to the ongoing training and support that enables EcoXpert partners to better serve their customers. However, he believes the underlying factor is the commitment that Future Controls has demonstrated to Watson Clinic and to the EcoXpert program.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention that aiding in this success is the integration of IoT-enabled EcoStruxure technology, which is proving to be a smooth and seamless transition that is also protecting Watson Clinic’s previous investments.

Download the full case study and share your thoughts with me below.

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Discover the EcoXpert Program on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tM7LR-91x2U .

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