10 Ways this 5-Star Partner Program Allows Growth for Technology Providers

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EcoXpert partners not only have a deep understanding of the industry trends that are affecting business operations and business performance, but the expertise to tackle them. Megatrends such as IoT, digitization and urbanization are changing the way your customers will do business in the future.

EcoXpert Megatrends

Think about this for a minute.

Do you see these as challenges?


Do you embrace these as opportunities?

For technology providers, these trends are an indicator of just how much business is out there, waiting for the right partner with the right solution. The question is, are you positioned to take advantage of it? How are you leveraging all you can to grow your business? For example, how do you keep up with best-in-class technology? How do you train your teams? How do you meet the different requirements from your customers to bring an older building into the 21st century?

Position yourself for the future

One proven way is to partner with companies who can be a catalyst to your success. But, not just any company – a company with a channel program that boasts a proven track record, tangible benefits, and solid results.EcoXpert CRN 5-Star Winner

Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert Partner Program was selected as a CRN 5-Star partner program and featured in their 2017 Partner Program Guide. This is no small feat; only the elite can brag of this achievement (don’t miss the EcoXpert Award Showcase). The EcoXpert network consists of more than 3,000 trained and certified member partners spanning 40 countries, all delivering innovative and modernized solutions to their customers while watching their business soar. And, the EcoXpert network is growing rapidly, offering some of the highest competencies in the market today.

Put the EcoXpert program to work for you

Here are 10 ways to grow your business and 10 benefits the EcoXpert program delivers:

  1. Grow your business. This is the foundation of any successful channel program. The EcoXpert program has helped thousands of its member partners generate millions of dollars in business in all parts of the world.
  2. Improve your hit rate. Bidding on projects can be a drain on your time. We make sure that time is well spent by drawing on our global network of experts and technologies to help partners develop innovative solutions that win important bids.
  3. Maximize your margins. Tested, validated and documented technologies and solutions minimize problems and maximize margins & profitability.
  4. Rise above the competition. Reputation matters, especially in large projects. The EcoXpert program provides world-class co-branding and co-marketing initiatives for partners, such as public relations and case studies. For example, we recently produced this EcoXpert partnership success video to demonstrate the value add to our customer of Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure technology installed by our EcoXpert partner.
  5. Improve employee talent. The skill set of your employees is one of your greatest assets, and often the hardest to maintain. Schneider Electric trains and certifies your employees on its EcoStruxure™ technology to drive innovation at every level in power management, building automation, light and room control solutions, data connectivity, vertical markets and more.
  6. Minimize engineering and commissioning time. Integration across systems is critical in today’s buildings. We provide the tools, training, and consultancy to help partners optimize integration of third-party systems.
  7. Capture new market share. As part of the EcoXpert network, solution providers gain opportunities to enter new markets and be recognized as one of the industry’s most respected experts in their field.
  8. Expand your solution portfolio. With full access to our IoT-activated EcoStruxure technology, your existing solution portfolio can pay large dividends. Our EcoXpert partners leverage this technology to lead their projects time and time again.
  9. Protect customer investments. Building owners are often surprised when they learn that their investment in Schneider Electric systems from a decade ago or more can still be upgraded and integrated with today’s latest technologies. Just read this success story of one EcoXpert partner who has year-over-year upgraded several facilities of Watson Clinic (USA), This kind of future-proofing helps both customers and partners enjoy long-term success.
  10. Connect expertise. The pressure is on for solution providers to understand a wide range of technologies and theories…and to deliver all-in-one solutions to their customers. This is where the collaboration within the EcoXpert network makes a big difference. Having a local and global network of technology providers who are trained and certified by our own experts in different aspects of our EcoStruxure technology, allows partners to work together to leverage competencies and conquer new opportunities.

Finally, reap all of these benefits with the full backing and support of a global leader in energy management and building automation, Schneider Electric. We are as committed to your success as you are to providing the solutions that will position your company as a leading technology provider in this industry.

Taking the first step

There’s no reason to go it alone in today’s complex technology and business environment. Watch this EcoXpert overview video to gain a better understanding of all the program has to offer. If you’re a solution provider in building control, power management, or energy efficiency, you could likely benefit from some–or all–of the points above. Learn about joining the EcoXpert Partner Program and how you can unleash your growth potential.

EcoXpert Partner Program

One program. One Network. Endless Opportunities.

If I’ve piqued your interest, please leave a comment below and let’s get your questions answered!

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