Mobile Notifications Simplify Multi-Site Security Management

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Facility managers and security operations staff are often bombarded with calls for from multiple tenants, across several sites, but traditionally they had no insight or control on the spot.  Now mobile solutions with notifications are simplifying multi-site security management and upping safety.

Traditionally in building maintenance, you would get a call in near time and have to run out to another site or dispatch a technician. You would have no remote visibility into the issue, so you wouldn’t know what equipment to bring or how long it might take to fix.

In some cases, the issue would have already been addressed before anyone arrived— not really a big deal if, for example, the temperature was off a few degrees for a few minutes. The big loss was probably time.

But with security, wasted time could be life threatening, so alerts must be timely and information immediate. If only you had the capabilities to respond in your hand — you do.

A web-based security management solution is accessible from any device and mobile apps have alleviated many of the challenges of multi-site security management.  On top of anytime, anywhere access, the ability to push notifications means that facility managers and security operators can get critical information when they need it, even if they’re off site or on the move. It also means they can manage the situation in real time.

Take our enterprise security solution AccessXpert, for example. The tool helps mitigate liability, reduce risk and ensure continuity with secure access; anywhere, anytime.

A simplified user interface, open protocol support, mobile device options, and cloud-based architectures, allow security teams to operate at maximum efficiency. Alerts are pushed out immediately if an alarm sounds and the smartphone is woken up for instant action. In the past, browsers would need time to refresh or there were manual processes involved.

The insight provided by real-time data allows many situations to be resolved right there — wherever “there” happens to be at the time. Plus, you’ll have visibility into the incident and be able to better understand how to respond or if there’s a false alarm. This saves money and effort, and allows you to deploy resources to the most urgent situations.


Benefit of Partitioning

Managing security data from multiple sites can be overwhelming, and another benefit of our AccessXpert is the ability to partition notifications. You can direct specific alarms to specific technicians; those that are only relevant to them and the sites they manage.

You can also partition occupants in a commercial office building where there are typically multiple tenants; or in multiple buildings with multiple tenants. There are many common areas in a building that need to be accessed (like parking garages and front doors), but that doesn’t mean each tenant has the same type of access. Partitioning allows you to better customize security.

Overall, for maximum security effectiveness you need a solution that provides mobile support and pushes notifications to enable building managers and security operators to provide the expected levels of service response, without increasing costs or resources.

The right tool will greatly simplify multi-site security management and up safety by allowing real-time response — after all, when it comes to security, a matter of seconds can make all the difference.

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