But Wait, There’s More: Benefits of Cloud-Based Security Solutions

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Billy Mays was probably the most famous infomercial star ever, but Ed Valenti — hawker of the Ginsu knife — is said to have coined the phrase: “But wait, there’s more!” These words became the motto of what’s now a $250+ billion industry. As corny as the saying might be, it’s quite effective for communicating the additional value of a product. Borrowing from the “as seen on TV’ world, I’d like to offer you, even more benefits of cloud-based security solutions.

In a previous post, I outlined three big reasons to put security operations in the cloud —  reduced support, development and operations costs; anytime, anywhere access; and availability of data that provides a current, holistic view. Let’s apply these features to real-world scenarios so you can see even more benefits.

Current Equals Safe

How many times have you been in the middle of work when a message to update your computer popped up? You were probably involved in something important and didn’t want to close down your applications, wait for the downloads and restart, so you just clicked on “remind me later.”

Yet, shutting down an update window in the security world, opens up a window to risk. For maximum protection, all solutions must be current, at all times. Simply put, the most secure environment is an up-to-date environment.

Keeping current used to take time and resources — staff that could be performing other tasks of greater strategic value. Now, with a cloud solution, updates are automatic, eliminating the associated manual processes and removing the issues of incompatibility or system stagnation.


But Wait, There’s More: TGIF

The Murphy’s Law of security is that if something is going to go wrong, it goes wrong on Friday a 4:30 pm when you are getting close to shutting down for the weekend. Or, worse yet, you made it all the way home, only to have to turn around and head back to the office because John Smith got fired and needs to be locked out of all systems.

A cloud-based security solution, would alert you via your mobile app, enable you to access the system right from your hand and take control of the situation, thereby allowing you to focus on weekend time with family and friends while still keeping your work environment safe and secure.

In a similar scenario, real-time information allows you to understand the real issue. Let’s say you received a call that a door won’t open for an employee. Traditionally you would have to dispatch a service technician.

Arriving on site, the tech found out there was not a problem with the door at all, but something was wrong with the employee’s access card. Now, you’ve got an employee who is still locked out and a bill for service that wasn’t needed. With the cloud, you could have connected into system from wherever you were, performed a simulated card read and determined what the real issue is. At the same time, you could have also granted access for the employee thus eliminating a potential headache.

Essentially, the cloud maximizes your options for empowering security personnel on the move. It simplifies security operations and saves time and money. Are you already using the cloud? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. If not, schedule a demo of AccessXpert.

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