Commissioning Increases Building Management System Efficiency

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Commissioning Increases Building Management System Efficiency Schneider ElectricIn today’s energy-conscious world, considerable focus is given to reducing consumption in buildings; this should come as no surprise as they consume an estimated 40% of the world’s energy. Buildings have evolved to include state-of-the-art electric; lighting and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems which consume a lot of energy. To control these components, building management and automation systems are installed. Ironically, these best-in-class systems can inadvertently perpetuate the energy guzzling cycle and throw off building operation, maintenance and budgets if not properly installed and regularly tested and tuned. According to research conducted by Texas A&M, as much as 20% of the energy consumed in a commercial building can be attributed to poorly operated systems.

So, how do you get off this dizzying carousel of wasted energy, limited budgets, increasing expenses, fluctuating operating conditions and occupant safety and comfort concerns? Commissioning (Cx). The process of building Cx ensures that your systems are properly installed and tested for adherence to their original design and performance intentions. Research indicates that energy savings achieved through Cx tend to persist well over a three- to five-year time frame.

Ready to start realizing energy savings today? The following blog series and white paper detail some important considerations before you get started Cx in your building… no matter where you are in the world:

Commissioning Efficiency Schneider ElectricGlobally, Cx has been identified as the low-cost, sustainable, energy-saving measure for all types of buildings and systems. Building owners and facility managers seeking an approach that reduces energy consumption and avoids other cost-prohibitive approaches should employ Cx in their facilities. The best part? The entire gamut of Cx services, deployable at any stage in the building life cycle, is not dependent on the training or skill levels of personnel in your organization; it can be delivered by established industry leaders in partnership with expert agents.

Start learning more about Cx today with our white paper: 3 Ways Commissioning Increases Building Management System Efficiency.

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