3 Reasons to Put Security Operations in the Cloud

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Early on “the cloud” might have brought a literal image to mind. The concept was as hazy and mysterious as an actual weather cloud. Now, the understanding of the solution and its value are clear, but safety often comes into question. On the contrary, running your security operations in the cloud is not an oxymoron. Here are just three reasons why you should consider an open, mobile cloud-based tool for your security team.


1.You’ll reduce support, development and operations costs. Traditionally, security operations software would have to be installed and maintained locally. A dedicated server was required, which would then have to be monitored, maintained and updated.


Now, the hosted application and database reside in a secured cloud environment with replication across multiple servers for redundancy. Integration, wireless and cloud capabilities combine for a more efficient cost footprint, upfront and ongoing.


An open solution with flexible hardware for standard communications as well as integration with other key security systems such as CCTV and IDS come together in an easy to use environment for today’s security professionals while sitting at a desk or on the move to ensure we are kept safe and secure.   Off-the-shelf devices and universal protocols simplify support, help ensure business continuity and can even reduce maintenance.


  1. Your teams will have access anytime, from anywhere. An untethered solution means that personnel no longer have to be in front of one specified computer to resolve security issues in the facility.


Mobile applications get your team out of the command center and allow them to be visible and present throughout the facility.  Clear, informed decisions to more effectively secure your enterprise can be made and managed from any smart device or laptop.


  1. You’ll receive real-time information for a current and holistic view of security operations. Simply put, latency is not an issue. As events, transactions, alarms and more are occurring, security teams will be able to see synchronized updates on their devices.


From alarm management, CCTV Integration, to ID badging, elevator and light control and mass communication, there will be no delay in your response time and no surprises on the back end.


And what about security? For starters, you are probably already using the cloud and just don’t realize it. Think about your HR and CRM applications.


When it comes to Schneider Electric’s AccessXpert Enterprise Security Solution, its structure meets stringent security requirements and government regulations, helping to ensure only authorized personnel access your system. Encryption and authentication protect communications between controllers, workstations and mobile devices.


We adhere to a multi-layered design philosophy by following known as “SD3+C.” That is: Secure by design. Secure by default. Secure in deployment and communications. There’s plenty more security specific details on our enterprise security web page. Or you can ask questions in the comments section below.


There’s a mobile app for everything now; why should your security operations be any different?

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