Building Insights Gets Bronze: Solution Honored by Plant Engineering Magazine

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By March, the film awards season has come to a close; the glamorous gowns are hand me downs and red carpets have been rolled up. For us, awards ‘season’ recently came to a close as well. And while there might be less glitz, the impact of winning technology goes on in all seasons — as Building Insights provides real-time visibility and control of all HVAC, lighting and metering devices from anywhere at any time.

The cloud-based solution serves enterprise small buildings and was recognized at the Bronze level in Plant Engineering’s 2015 Product of the Year program. The competition celebrates new and innovative product development.

The awards consisted of 15 categories and were presented at the 2016 Engineering Awards in Manufacturing dinner hosted by both Plant Engineering and Control Engineering. Yann A Kulp – Vice President SmartSpace, Schneider Electric North America attended the dinner.

 Plant Engineering and Control Engineering 2016 Engineering Awards in Manufacturing Schneider Electric

“It was exciting to see such significant technologies and innovations celebrated by the plant and controls engineering community in Chicago,” said Yann. “We are living through massive IoT transformations in the way we manage data, processes and controls. It is fantastic to see Schneider Electric leading the way with 4 awards, including Bronze for Building Insights.”

Enterprises with multi-site portfolios of small buildings – such as restaurants, retail stores, healthcare offices and banks – will be able to efficiently manage thousands of sites simultaneously via a computer, tablet or smartphone through the tool. Here’s how.

Advanced data and analytics communicate relevant information to building managers so they can maximize energy and operational efficiency. The insight helps in making smarter energy management decisions, which can lead to up to a 30 percent reduction in energy costs, reduced risks and improved occupant comfort.

For those with growing building requirements, Building Insights leverages open protocols so it’s easily expandable. For buildings that require retrofitting, the solution’s wireless technology means there’s virtually no downtime during installation.

Plant Engineering's 2015 Product of the Year Building Insights Gets Bronze

Innovation = Improvement

According to Plant Engineering, new products present an opportunity for manufacturers to reimagine processes. As for the solution providers, the magazine stated, “The product designers and product managers who deliver[ed] this year’s roster of innovation are at the end of a long journey that began by listening to plant personnel, and by turning those ideas into products to improve the way we work.”

Yann said, “This award recognizes more than two years of incredibly hard work done by our engineers and software coders to create solutions for multi-site customers. Congratulations to the team!”

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