How To Leverage Cloud-Based Building Management Systems

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Historically, enterprises with multiple facilities have been challenged to manage their buildings effectively – especially at the corporate level. Even where building controls are in place locally, achieving a corporate view and control of facilities has seemed like a pipe dream to most organizations. Not anymore. The emergence of the Cloud has made a more cost-effective approach to enterprise facility management possible.

Cloud-Based Building Management Systems Schneider ElectricWith a relatively small investment in local building controls, you can now use data storage and applications in the Cloud to monitor (even control) remote facilities from a centralized location. The end result? Facilities managers are empowered to achieve reduced costs, improved occupant comfort, and overall enhanced building performance across the enterprise.

Sounds great right? But where to get started. The following blog series and white paper walk you through some important considerations before you get started implementing in your enterprise:

  • Challenges of multi-site facility management – Starting from the top, we address the challenges most frequently experienced by facility managers of multi-site facilities. It will probably feel very close to home for you.
  • Enter: the Cloud solution – Next up, we discuss trends in Cloud technology and the value it adds to a building management system (BMS) context.
  • Benefits of a Cloud-based BMS – Yep, you guessed it. Now that we understand how and why a Cloud-based BMS works, this post outlines the main benefits it could deliver to your enterprise.
  • Adding analytics to the mix – Taking the conversation one step further, we investigate the added benefit of bringing analytics into the equation. This can be done during initial Cloud solution deployment or later on.
  • Let’s get started – Last up, we get down to business. This post outlines specifics around maneuvering site logistics and budgetary and security concerns. After all this reading, the last thing you want holding you back are expenses.

Cloud-Based Building Management Systems Schneider Electric

The last, crucial step in assessing the readiness of your remote locations and determining the upgrades necessary to enable Cloud-based management is engaging with an industry expert. Someone to advise on solutions for centralizing control and implementing big data analysis.

Start with our white paper for the big picture: Leveraging Cloud-Based Building Management Systems for Multi-Site Facilities.

For those of you in government or education, check out these segment-specific white papers:

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