What’s Driving Innovation in the HVAC Market?

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Like many other markets, digitalization, mobilization and cloud technologies are driving innovation in the HVAC software and applications market. These three trends are impacting both the organization as a whole and the way people work.

Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems are now better connected, which is helping create new experiences, generate more value and improve the working environment for users within a facility.

Buildings are more dynamic than ever. New software solutions  help facilities managers move away from the world of paper. Mobile applications enable remote control and the cloud serves as the foundation for software and mobile.

A cloud infrastructure delivers the power to turn data into insight by supporting more intelligent mining of the vast volumes of information created by building management systems (BMS). For example, work orders and energy consumption charts have been digitized and the resulting analytics enable better operational decisions.

The untethering of traditional BMS via mobile devices and applications means once a decision has been made, facility managers can log into their systems securely from anywhere and make the desired changes to their building environment immediately.

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More Trends in HVAC

Energy will remain a core focus for the industry over the next several years too, especially as prices continue to fluctuate. Companies will keep compelling sustainability initiatives and there’s likely to be a greater shift toward net zero energy projects.

This is not the only trend toward efficiency, companies are looking to develop smarter workplaces through smarter buildings, turning traditional offices, universities, retail stores and healthcare facilities into spaces that will attract tenants and invigorate employees.

An emphasis on cyber security is also surging. More building environments are incorporating more connected technologies as part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and organizations are starting to understand the risks associated and how to mitigate those risks. It’s critical IT and OT infrastructures and processes are aligned.  The projects will only be successful if the key stakeholders share the same passion for secure, connected and intelligent buildings.

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