How does this new swimming facility use so much less energy?

Smart Panels & Intelligent Building Controls systems manage this environmentally friendly complex in Northern Italy

Fardef Swimming Pools recently partnered with experts in energy management systems on a new sports park in Arzignano, Italy. The facility includes a 2,750 m2 building with three indoor swimming pools, one gymnasium, a wellbeing area and a meeting room, as well as a 22,000 m2 lagoon-style swimming pool and solarium park. In addition to offering first-class amenities, the completed facility also features first-class performance by using 80% less energy than comparable facilities constructed 20 years ago.Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.42.29 AM

Based in nearby Veneto, Italy, Fardef specializes in the design, construction and after-sales management of swimming facilities. They also proactively encourage entrepreneurial investment in such projects by reducing management costs.

“Our primary objective is to optimize energy costs while maintaining a high quality of delivered services and user comfort,” says Fardef’s Raffaele Fedon.

Envisioning the Arzignano sports park as an opportunity to demonstrate technology for future projects, Fardef set out to produce a facility where mechanical and electrical systems are totally automated.

For this Fardef enlisted the help of energy management company Daimel S.r.l. Based in Zero Branco, Italy, Daimel is a contractor specialized in electrical and automation systems, certified as Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert since 2012.

Daimel proposed an integrated automatic and remote control system, levering open protocol both in electrical and mechanical installations, The system designers selected Schneider Electric’s KNX control system, for lighting and management and control, and its Smart Panels system for energy management.

To take full advantage of the Smart Panels’ embedded and stand-alone metering and control capabilities, Daimel implemented a building management system (BMS) platform that provides thermoregulation control and the overall management of the swimming pool .

“The technology we used allows us to reach the class A+ in the civil structure against regulations that require a class C,” says Fardef’s technical manager Antonio Fedon.

For more information and to find an EcoXpert in your area, please visit our page.  Also, this 4-minute walk-through video highlights the energy-saving features of the Arzignano sports park.


SaulSaul Fava, joined Schneider Electric in 2008, currently acting as Business Development Manager at Schneider Electric. Committed to position and promote energy management added value sales propositions by addressing sales matrix organization.Directly managing the local business development team to support new businesses growth and EcoXpert channels development. Winner of Schneider Electric Gold Trophy “Enel Energia Business Partnership” (approach to Customer, 2012).

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