It’s time for the 2016 AHR EXPO!

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Visit Schneider Electric at booth 1404 AHR EXPO – January 25-27!

Wow!  Has it been a year already?  As I stand here in 17-degree weather, I recall last year’s show in Balmy Chicago (I think 17 was the high temp that week).  This makes me that much more thankful to be packing for AHR EXPO in Orlando this year! As one of the biggest Building Automation and HVACR shows of the year, I am really excited to be exhibiting our newest products and solutions for the 60,000 expected attendees this year.


AHR Expo 2016 - See us at Booth 1404


At Schneider Electric, we are all about delivering IMPACT.  What that means is we work with our customers to develop solutions that bring a positive impact to their customer, employees, and bottom line.  Of course this sounds obvious – this is what you should do for your customers  This takes experience, it takes being there through the challenges and lifecycle of facilities both large and small to know what it takes to truly understand your customer.

Everyone is talking about Big Data, or even more specifically Buildings Big Data – go ahead Google it.  After reading hundreds of blogs, white papers and post, there are two common elements; data and information.  We see those elements as the starting point.  Data and Information are great to have, but data and information don’t do anything.

What we illustrate in the graphic below is a simplified way of looking at this journey.  Data and information are collected.   A human element (or an analytic) applies knowledge or experience.  This often is in the form of historical trend recognition, that can in turn spark insight.   The AHA moment comes when we can use past data and information to see patterns in current data and information, and DO SOMETHING to achieve the result we desire.  It is ultimatly the action that is taken to drive the result to what we want that delivers impact.  Impact is positive change and can measured in many ways.


Impact Value Proposition as a Pictogram


To learn more about our process, stop by our booth 1404 – we have subject matter experts to give demonstrations and show our latest products as well as give-aways every day.  You can also hear us in the New Product Theater A, Room N320G


Mon. Jan. 25:  11:00 – 11:20 am

Multi-Zone Control for Multi-Dwelling Units


Mon. Jan. 25: 11:30 – 11:50 am

Complete Building and Energy Management


Tue. Jan. 26:  2:30 – 2:50 pm

Optimizing Buildings Through Analytics and Predictive Maintenance


I look forward to seeing everyone at the show!
See us at AHR

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