Three methods for harvesting data that will bring you endless possibilities

apple_blogMy family recently picked apples at a local orchard. I was in awe of the trees; branches heavy with fruit.  We walked row after row of different apple varieties, each tree full with more fruit than we could ever pick. The harvest was almost overwhelming.

A data harvest can be just as overwhelming. Facility managers are tasked with making sense of the data that modern buildings produce.  They view row after row of different information varieties, each table full of more information than they could ever comprehend. While each building is different, there are several common methods to making the most out of the bounty of data that is available.

You put a lot of hard work into maintaining your building. It takes time and effort to protect and preserve the investments you have made. Using energy meters to monitor key equipment, you can plan preventative maintenance to preserve the life of your chiller or boiler. You may also begin the process to analyze the lifecycle of the overall system.


Comparing current data and historical data,  you can look at fluctuations of energy use and begin to make recommendations for future changes and upgrades.  The data can  prepare you for the challenges of the budgeting process, allowing you to develop models for anticipated return on investment based on reduced energy and maintenance costs.

Clear, concise energy dashboards can help non-electrical experts make better decisions about how to use energy responsibly. In the current real estate market, green buildings with visible energy strategies and results have better success with tenant acquisition and relationships.

While the results of your energy data analysis may not be as delicious as the pie I made with the apples from the orchard, the rewards can still be pretty sweet. What do you make with your data? Use the comments below to share your recipe for energy management success. I would love to hear from you.