Powerful Combination: Building Analytics and Green Button

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Green Button is an industry initiative stemming from a White House call-to-action for utility providers to voluntarily supply customers with easy access to their energy usage data in a standardized, secure and user-friendly electronic format. Marrying the Green Button concept with Schneider Electric’s Building Analytics suite is a winner for customers and utilities alike.

Customers can retrieve actionable data to drive behavior that impacts their utility costs and view a real-time comparison to the previous year’s consumption, including normalization of data to accommodate weather patterns. They can also receive daily notifications of automated diagnostics indicating out-of-range building consumption along with statistics about energy usage relative to a baseline model.

Utilities can offer energy incentive programs to further improve the value of a customer’s energy spend while protecting the environment at the same time. They can also use the data to pinpoint mechanical issues and cost-saving opportunities, avoid costs associated with installing meters (~$4,000 to $5,000 per meter), and yield revenue-quality data.

With access to Green Button data, the Schneider Electric Building Analytics suite can identify operational and energy performance opportunities to save energy and money. Advanced analytics and performance monitoring deliver diagnostic summaries of system inefficiencies, ranking them by cost and comfort impact.

Green Button enables flexible and reliable interval data acquisition. Information from diverse sources comes together to give visibility across an enterprise or in individual sites.

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Schneider Electric’s Building Analytics software enables utilities to pass pertinent information to their customers. This cloud-based, managed service provides automated fault detection and diagnostics, as well as expert guidance with actionable information. In addition to using the results to improve occupant comfort, building energy use and financial well-being, Schneider Electric’s Building Analytics suite delivers statistical analysis, expert review, performance trending and diagnostics.

Building Analytics and Green Button—the perfect combination for utilities and their customers.

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  • Thanks for sharing, Brett. Green Button is a great way for building owners to increase their visibility into their energy usage and understand current opportunities to fully capitalize on their energy potential. It also introduces the benefits of implementing full Building Analytics and how the power of big data can tell expose what is really going on in a building and how to make it run “smarter”.

  • Thank you Jessica. Green Button is an easy, secure way to access energy information, which is often the first step in any energy efficiency program.

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