A Comfortable Home is a Connected Home

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When I think about a modern home, I envision the role of connectivity and the amazing possibilities that it brings.

Connectivity is changing everything. Research suggests that more than 50 billion devices worldwide will be connected with each other by 2020 (as estimated by Cisco IBSG). Many will be in our homes, enabling an unprecedented level of interaction, comfort, and efficiency. This revolution is literally on our doorstep.

At Schneider Electric, we are driving the change in what homes can do for their owners. Together with architects, engineers, electricians, and other partners we are bringing connectivity to homes through solutions like the C-Bus and KNX home control systems. These technologies connect a wide variety of devices, allowing home owners to control everything from lighting and temperature to entertainment systems — to create a perfect setting for every moment.

On a personal note, many times I’ve left home and then wondered if I had switched the lights off. Connectivity brings an end to that worried feeling.

Moreover, by integrating energy management with other home control functions, the KNX and C-Bus home control systems go beyond automation. They turn homes into smarter living spaces. They let us monitor and manage our homes to maximize energy efficiency and lower energy bills, even when we are far away. This combination of mobile devices and remotely operated technology has given us this freedom, and it’s transforming how we live.

The details of home technology are important, but I’m always careful to keep a holistic vision of these living spaces. Homes are where life takes place, where we can relax and be ourselves.

We know that by making homes safer and more comfortable — by enabling connected, smart spaces — we are helping people achieve a quality of life that wasn’t possible just a few years ago.


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  • Thanks Jean-Pascal!
    Very useful for our electrical engineers!

  • Comfort in our home can be driven by self-imagination. Developing creative things makes it more harmonious.

  • You are right. It is amazing how much progress has been made in making our homes secure, safe and yet still fully connected with the outside world. And all in just a few short years.

  • You right, nowaday a comfortable home is must a connected home.
    This post very useful for me, as I am an electric engineer.
    Thanks for share, Jean-Pascal!

  • Hi, Jean. It’s really a very creative post. I really like your concept of “connected room”. I also agree with you that it will make our house safer.

  • This is a good post, extends understanding of the electrical work.

  • best article regarding home electronics..

  • You are correct. A connected home is a comfortable one. I am learning about that as I set up a new digital thermostat that I can control from my upstairs.

  • Thanks Jean-Pascal!
    Very useful for our electrical engineers!

  • Connectivity is great and a bit worrisome at the same time. On one hand, I would love to be able to control nearly everything in your house by Alex or a smartphone, but god forbid someone hacks your wifi and turns on your sprinklers or potentially much worse!

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