Matriculating Healthcare Team members into Healthcare Facilities Directors

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Matriculating Healthcare Team members into Healthcare Facilities Directors. How do you fill that gap?

There is no doubt the past 20 years has seen several orders of change when it comes to technology, compliance expectations and complexities in many professions. The healthcare facilities engineering profession has experienced these changes at a rate that would make Einstein’s head spin.

Along with the Affordable Care Act and the Corporatization of healthcare, healthcare facility management (FM) professionals have the expectations of wearing many additional hats within their organizations. It is not unusual to find a manager or director level FM professional also having responsibilities for security, environmental services, disaster management, safety officer, clinical engineering, project management, property management, and telecommunications.

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With these duties come the added skill-set needs of high-level verbal and written communication, along with solid critical thinking and customer service skills. If that wasn’t hard enough, let’s add the complexities of patient care and a 24/7 environment to the mix. No longer can we take or wait 10-20 years to grow managers and directors. Enter the Healthcare Facilities Leadership (HFL) Degree program at Owensboro Community and Technical College (OCTC).

Cutting edge facility managers have learned about this online program and are developing their staffs.

How? The Healthcare Facilities Leadership (HFL) program at OCTC is built around the well-respected Certified Healthcare Facilities Management (CHFM) certification that is directly developed by ASHE (American Society for Healthcare Engineers). Along with courses in Compliance, Codes, & Standards, Planning, Design, & Construction, and Maintenance & Operations, the HFL program is wrapped in management, writing, science, energy, and math coursework.

Most students in the program have 10-20 years experience in healthcare and have a desire to enter management, obtain a degree, and/or grow academically. In the one year the program has been offered, nearly 60 students have enrolled.

The program is 100% online with the HFL courses taught by industry professionals. Early reviews from students have been overwhelmingly positive with many experiencing advancements and career opportunities as a result.

There is also a growing interest from traditional students in the program. These students and graduates will drive the need for internships, mentoring, and positions to ensure their success and the industry benefits of energetic, idealistic, and technology-friendly talent.

Yes, times are a changin’

If you or your organization is interested in checking out the accredited Healthcare Facilities Leadership degree program at OCTC, contact that team at or let me know and I would be glad to connect you to the program!


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  • Mike Canales

    9 years ago

    Nice article! Seriously, Thanks for posting! Looking forward to seeing all the Schneider folks in Boston! Cheers!

  • Stacy Kimbel

    9 years ago

    Mike, we are really excited about your program and glad to share.

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