How to live the real “Mobile Comfort” – Learn more on how we can all benefit from this trend…!

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Smartphones, tablets and accordant applications are increasingly becoming an integral part of our daily life, that we might assume: we want an App for everything! Parallely the demand for remote control Apps is developing as well. In this article you will discover the trend of “Mobile Comfort” as well as the easy upgrade to the next comfort level for controlling building functions at home via smartphones and tablets – and learn more on how we can all benefit from this trend.

Steadily increasing sales figures of Apps lead to the assumption: smartphones and tablets have already become an integral part of our daily life! As per latest figures a further rise of sold smartphones is expected. IDC analysts forecast a number of 1.5 billion sold smartphones worldwide by end of 2017 which will then be more than 50% of all mobile phones sold!* The common platforms are and will continue to be Google’s Android and iOS from Apple, like analysts of Gartner stated. For Android there was even a raise of market share to approximately 75%, compared to 18% of iOS and 7% of other platforms in 2013.

Why are those figures so important? What are they telling us about our habits and needs?
How do products and solution have to be designed to match our lifestyle?

Our mobile life, our needs

Clever devices like smartphones and tablets make our life easier, entertain us and offer much more possibilities: via remote control Apps we are able to switch on music or the TV. They help us to find a way, listen to music no matter whether we are in our car or even in public transportation. We are online everywhere at any time and thus able to surf the web, check E-Mails, chat with friends via the several Social Networks or even order a Pizza for dinner via an App of our home delivery service. As we are able to handle almost everything with our smartphone it is always with us and becomes more an integral part of our life – or could you abstain from your smartphone?

Apps simplify our life

The most important aspect when using smartphones, tablets and accordant Apps is that they are simple to use and all but self-explaining. There is hardly anything which cannot be controlled via our small assistants. Some of you may already know about remote control Apps for TV, media and entertainment equipment. But there is much more: light, temperature and energy consumption can be controlled – innovations in building control are taking further steps forward. Schneider Electric has recognized this trend and answers the future demands by offering comfortable solutions for controlling our home, responding to our cross-linked and mobile life. Switching on and off lights, calling up scenes or controlling shutters is no longer possible via push-buttons or touch panels only, but now also via building control apps for smartphones and tablets. This allows full comfort of your building functions – mobile!

Benefits of a Building Control App

With a KNX Building Control App home owners are able to control all KNX functions at home with one tip on the smartphone or the tablet. Controlling lights and temperature or even visualizing the energy consump-tion are just a few of the options the app comes up with. Naming of individual rooms or areas, assigning of appropriate functions to them or even creating different configurations for several users are also possible and make building control comfortable and mobile for everyone. Whether as part of a new KNX installation or when retrofitting existing installations – there is no quicker or easier way to implement mobile building control.

Update – 29th October 2014

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