Cyber Security – Critical Need of the Times

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Cyber security is not just a new buzzword in the present age of digitization. It is a necessity going neck and neck with the pace of information revolution. Digital connectivity has enabled seamless integration of machines and systems. However, there are inherent security risks in the management and operational success of IT-driven technological solutions and services.

Cyber_SecuritySafety, reliability and availability are the imperatives of critical infrastructure environments. Consider the case of utilities and critical infrastructure. These are vital installations where Operations Technology (OT) security has to be fool-proof and fail-proof. Critical applications and services need to run round-the-clock. Mission-critical and voluminous date are used and processed. Cyber security becomes a real-time requirement for such environments.

Critical installations use a wide variety of inter-connected systems and applications. They can be in the fields of manufacturing, water infrastructure, oil & gas, power, transportation and such major networks. Each segment has to work efficiently for fault-free functioning of the entire facility. Almost all these industries use SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system to receive, monitor, and process data as well as to send back commands to the points transmitting those data.

Most SCADA systems utilize HMI (human-machine interface) software to allow users to interact with and control machines and devices. As such, they can potentially be exposed to unscrupulous or erroneous interventions. It is therefore vital to ensure that only trusted applications run on critical infrastructure systems. A comprehensive cyber security system will check against maleware and accidental system commands in the operations of critical infrastructure environments.


Schneider Electric has teamed up with McAfee, a global leader in dedicated security technology, to provide cyber security solutions for the utility and critical infrastructure markets. The Embedded Control, Integrity Control and Application Control solutions greatly enhance the safety, reliability and availability of infrastructure environments.

In cyber security, prevention is paramount.


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