ASHE Annual Conference – Pre-Show Gossip

It’s Sunday morning and I’m on my way to the ASHE Annual Conference in Chicago. I don’t love to fly so I’m keeping my mind off my aerial status by writing the next blog for our coverage of the event. This will be my first ASHE annual conference, and I’m looking forward to so many things – listening in on some great presentations, networking with colleagues and customers, and stepping up our social media game with some fun, interactive ways to connect with attendees.

ASHE annual conference Booth 1006 inviteI don’t want to give it all away, but I can tell you that there are some cool prizes to be won! And the ones with the most points get the best prizes! But you can’t win unless you play…so stop by Booth #1006 to check it out for yourself!

I will be tweeting out hints about the prizes and opportunities to win points, as well as cool pics and links, so make sure you follow us at @SE_Healthcare for the full scoop!

Also, look for Schneider Electric at the Welcome Reception tonight. We have a very cool customer event at the Shedd Aquarium on Monday night, and tonight’s your chance to find a date from Schneider Electric for your entry to the event!

Sunday, August 3rd

Here’s what you can look forward to on Monday!

Need help remembering the schedule?
Hint: Download the 2014 ASHE Annual Conference app on iPhone or Android.

Monday, August 4th

For a more complete summary of events, check out first ASHE annual blog.

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