How to realize dreams of the future – today! Plan for intelligent future-safety with KNX

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Many of us are dreaming of an intelligent home. There are several visions of the future illustrated in many science-fiction movies. This we would also like to have today: the light is switching on automatically, the heating is warm before arriving at home, individual light scenes for different users or activities can be activated via one push of the button…

But all this is no longer a dream of the future. It is possible already today! The intelligent solution offering all this comfort is KNX. Whether in new buildings or for retrofitting,  in private homes, offices, hotels or public buildings – KNX can easily be expanded and also adapted to new requirements.

KNX is the intelligent building control system for all areas in which people live and work. As a global standard in building system technology, KNX offers unique advantages – from single-family houses to office complexes. By intelligently linking together distributed system components via a bus system, it is possible to offer not only many more possibilities than in a conventional installation but also significant potential in the areas of energy efficiency, safety and comfort.

Technology with future

KNX is the worlds only open standard for house and building system technology. In Europe, KNX is established in the CENELEC EN 50090 and CEN EN 13321-1 and 13321-2 standards, and internationally by the ISO/IEC 14543-3 standard. In China, it corresponds to the GB/Z 20965 standard, and in the USA to the ANSI/ASHRAE 135 standard. KNX is thus a globally valid as well as applied standard. All KNX products from all manufacturers are certified by the KNX association . This means all components are guaranteed to be compatible and future-proof, across the several manufacturers. The total of around 300 members in 33 countries* speaks for itself.

One bus for maximum flexibility

As part of a conventional electrical installation, it is necessary to specify how and where household systems are to be controlled prior to the building work. A KNX installation is flexible, because all functions can be changed and expanded at any time. The two-wire installation bus routed in parallel to the 230 V electrical power supply connects all devices and systems of the household technology together, and transmits all the control signals. This is based on fast transmission rates with the highest levels of immunity to interference. Sensors like push-buttons or touchpanels are the starting point for every action: they gather information and send it on the bus as a data telegram. Nowadays another important advantage is the possibility to control all your building functions also via a dedicated KNX building control App , responding to our cross-linked and mobile life

What can be controlled at home automatically via KNX? See some examples…

Is every little detail of great importance for you, and would you prefer not to leave any aspect of your home to chance? Should all the elements of room design blend into your personal lifestyle dream in every area of your home? Then KNX is the perfect solution for your building control!

Whether you plan to spend your evening playing games, watching TV, reading, or to have a cozy get-together with friends – every situation can be enhanced with an individual KNX scene. At the push of a single button, all required functions are activated at the same time: blinds are lowered, mood lighting is switched on and the room is heated or air-conditioned to just the right temperature.

Enjoy your very own private spa area via one push of the button: the bathroom has the right temperature, the towel rail is warm, the light is dimmed and you hear quiet music from the loudspeakers via your individual KNX scene.
You just sleep better! The time-controlled night reduction provides a healthy climate, and the panic button next to the bed lets you sleep calmly: if you hear suspicious noises at night, just hit the panic button to illuminate your house and garden with bright light and raise the blinds.

How to optimize your working conditions ‘automatically’

During everyday office activities, KNX solutions facilitate work and save energy – fully automatically. Adapting the lighting, heating and air conditioning to particular situations means that optimum working conditions can be achieved at any time. Unnecessary energy consumption is prevented by ensuring that loads are switched off automatically.

You need the right surroundings to be able to concentrate on what is important. Having the right temperature, ventilation and lighting for your workplace increases your sense of comfort and your working efficiency. Forget to deactivate the light or the heating/air conditioning when leaving the room? The convenient central OFF function ensures that all loads are switched off at a certain closing time.

With KNX, it is also amazingly easy to prepare a presentation: at the push of a button, the lighting can be dimmed in the entire conference room, the blinds and the presentation screen are lowered, the sound system and the beamer are activated. And if the meeting turns out to be a long one, CO2 sensors automatically activate the ventilation system to care for a good climate.

Energy-efficient and profitable at once

Sure, in the beginning you have to invest, but the good news is: in the long run you are able to save costs significantly! One aspect to remember with regard to investment costs concerns the lower operating costs. As time goes by, requirements will change: private homes will be inhabited by several generations; rooms in commercial objects are put to different uses in their lifetime due to re-organization or new tenants.

Whereas a change of use or an expansion of a conventional installation is complicated and expensive, the flexibility of a KNX system pays off due to the minimum level of complexity. KNX opens the door to many possible savings in terms of a building’s operating costs. From demand-related lighting control to energy management, the potential savings are determined by the depth of use.

Overview of KNX benefits

• Up to 30% potential cost savings compared to conventional installation
• Automatic control of light, air conditioning, heating, blinds and shutters
• Configuration and individualization of settings for different users and situations
• Energy management (measuring, visualizing, acting)
• Future-proof global standardized technology
• Possibility of mobile control via smartphones or tablets through building control Apps

Are you interested to know more?

For deeper information have a look on the Schneider Electric KNX Website or download our brochure about KNX

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