Catch some of the highlights from Schneider Electric direct from CiscoLive 2013 in London!

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Traditionally, IT managers and networking and communications specialists have not been responsible for tracking energy bills in their enterprises, but they will soon. Rising energy costs coupled with the increasing number of devices connected to the network will force all areas of business to look for ways to become more energy efficient and save money so they can invest in growth areas of their business. In fact, plug loads and IT device energy use in commercial buildings accounts for nearly 5% of all energy use in the U.S.; by 2030 that energy use is expected to increase 36%. With this in mind, experts from Schneider Electric were on hand at the ‘World of Solutions’ exposition at Cisco Live 2013 London this week to discuss with delegates its new EnergySTEP@Work solution for reducing waste from unused plug loads and IT devices in the workplace, as well as its efficient data center solutions (both enhanced with Cisco EnergyWise). Thousands of professionals from across Europe and the rest of the world are attending this educational, networking and thought leadership event.