Tony Hunt

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Tony Hunt (MSc, CEM, CPQ) works for Schneider Electric as a global marketing manager specializing in bringing power management applications to companies that operate power critical facilities in a variety of segments including data centers, healthcare, industry, infrastructure, and large buildings. As a Certified Energy Manager and a Certified Power Quality Professional with over eighteen years’ experience in the field of energy and power management, Tony helped develop and deploy power management software modules designed to integrate with Building Management Systems and Process SCADA Systems. He remains an instrumental contributor to Schneider Electric’s integrated power management software strategy.
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Selecting a Power Quality Instrument (PQI) for Today’s Distributed Energy Resources

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Adaptive Power Management Tools for Power-Critical Facilities

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Reduce Your Business Risk with an Energy and Power Management System (EPMS)

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How Much Does Your Business Rely on Electricity? What is Your Risk Exposure?

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