Siobhan Kelly-Bush

Siobhan is an HR Professional, taking the Lead on Diversity & Inclusion for Schneider Electric across the UK&I. Throughout her career, Siobhan has always had an interest in the area of Diversity and Inclusion, although 20 years ago D&I was not on the agenda! Starting her career working for a global cable manufacturer, Siobhan volunteered to work with local schools across Liverpool, and although still only very early on in her career this struck a chord, on how local businesses could engage with students, profile the world of work and provide students with fabulous experiences. Progressing her career, Siobhan then worked with girl’s schools and started to profile the world of engineering to female students. On joining Schneider 12 years ago, Siobhan continued with her passion, with a strong ambition to work with her colleagues to build an inclusive environment for every employee, to provide equality for all employees, in an environment that enables everyone to flourish and grow. Today Siobhan has a D&I Team and over 140 STEM Ambassadors all sharing their passion too.
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