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Peter Weckesser

Peter Weckesser is the Chief Digital Officer of Schneider Electric and a member of the Executive Committee since June 2020, when he joined the company. Prior to working at Schneider, Peter served as the Digital Transformation Officer of Airbus’ Defense & Space division since 2017. Before joining Airbus, Peter had extensive experience as a Senior Executive at Siemens. Peter’s career began at Siemens where he worked in various roles in product management and development. He holds a degree in physics as well as a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. He currently resides in Germany.
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Digital transformation: why people, not tech, hold the key to success

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Open for business: Why digital co-innovation pays off

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AI for sustainability and climate change

How Artificial Intelligence helps companies become more sustainable

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Peter Weckesser

Why sustainability and digitization go hand-in-hand

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Digital Everything: How I onboarded as a CDO from my home office

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