Parker Barnett

Parker Barnett is a Business Design Manager at Schneider Digital where he leads digital transformation projects across industries and is responsible for the Design Research strategy at Schneider Digital. Prior to working for Schneider Electric, Parker managed Global Business Development for the startup .CO Internet, the company behind the .CO Domain. In 2014 .CO Internet was acquired by Neustar, Inc. for $109MM. Parker has received a Master of Integrated Product Design from the University of Pennsylvania as well as BBAs in Economics and Business Management from the University of Miami.
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industrial UPS application in pharma production

How an Uninterruptible Power Supply Supports Pharma 4.0

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Trust is a Journey. Building Trust In-Person Accelerates that Journey.

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How is Digital Technology Reshaping Different Sectors of Society?

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Dell Technologies to provide next generation business continuity for hybrid IT

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Net-zero energy or net zero-carbon – what does it all mean?

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Own your career Own your future

[Podcast] Supply Chain Digital Transformation

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data center modernization

A practical approach to data center modernization

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integrated power and process

Integrated power and process automation drive business value for the Mining, Minerals, and Metals industries

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Connected Building

Establishing a sustainable, connected building needs more than technology; it requires access to expertise

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What it means to Juliana to be an LGBT+ Ally

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An Introduction to Sustainability Management: Objective, Principles, Advantages

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[Schneider Electric Podcast] Episode 8: #BreakingBarriers

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