Zunera Iftikhar

Zunera Iftikhar, Electrical Engineer. Been in the power industry for 7 years now. Working as a Territory sales engineer with Schneider electric for the past 3 years. I have always been a math girl but not a nerd. Working as a salesgirl in this industry has given me broad exposure and how to present your perspective while respecting the next person's choice. I aim to be working in a managerial position down the road. And to achieve this goal, I am currently preparing for my master's program. I take my time to make a decision and I will consult with people around me but once I set my mind to something I will go above and beyond to achieve that goal. A prime example is when I moved to the US 10 years back. I was a teenager at that time and it was challenging to adapt to new surroundings and a different lifestyle. But now I look back and I am proud of myself that I did not give up. I get my aspiration when I make people smile, making a small positive difference in their lives. I do volunteer work with local non-profit organizations. This gives me an understanding of how blessed I am and how I can do something for others.
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