David Evans, Global Healthcare Segment Lead

David Evans

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David has a lifetime of experience in the Education and Healthcare sectors and has extensive experience working with customers across Europe, the USA, APAC, South America, and Africa. As Global Segment Director for Healthcare at Schneider Electric, he has direct responsibility for the Innovation Laboratories in Boston, where he seeks to develop new and innovative solutions for our customers.  He combines a 'shirt sleeves' approach to problem-solving with a passion for Big Data Analytics and the potential of Artificial Intelligence for optimizing the performance of the next generation of world healthcare institutions, His mission is to build hospitals for future generations that are Sustainable and minimize the carbon costs of delivering world-class healthcare; have Resilient infrastructures that enable healthcare professionals to deliver uninterrupted care;  deliver Hyper Efficient operational management to maximize returns of capital investment, and ultimately People-Centric, in that they are designed to improve the experience of patients, their families, and clinical staff. He has a passion for the environment and technology, working closely with hospitals and universities across the globe to develop their smart building strategies.  He splits his time between Boston and London but travels extensively to support customers across the world.
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