Jackie Zhu

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Senior Vice President | Supply Chain & Industrialization, Power Products | Schneider Electric Power is critical to today’s businesses. It’s what keeps them running, allowing them to grow and scale with the ever-growing demands of their customers. Our mission at Schneider Electric is to find new ways of helping organizations meet their power needs more efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively, all while enabling them to achieve their environmental commitments. I am currently the Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Industrialization for Schneider Electric’s Power Products Division and am responsible for our innovations' industrialization and supply chain. I ensure that our offers are industrialized at superior quality and with great competitiveness with the supply chain designed with risk-proof business continuity, resiliency, and sustainability to help our customers achieve their own business purposes and missions. I am passionate about sustainability as it’s the only way to tackle the challenges of climate change and achieve business efficiency. I believe supply chain and industrialization can play a vital role in achieving our sustainability targets. By pushing and adopting green technologies, green packaging, green materials, a circular business model in our innovations, we can help make our supply chain operations, suppliers, and partners more sustainable. I joined Schneider Electric in 2000 as Category Procurement Manager, moved to International Sourcing Team in 2004. In 2008, I was relocated to France as procurement transformation leader and returned in 2009, firstly as China Procurement Director, then leading China Procurement VP since 2013. In 2016, I took a new role as China Logistics VP. In 2018, I became the Senior VP of supply chain & industrialization for the Power Product Division, based in Shanghai.
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