Sorouch Kheradmand

Having lived half of his life abroad, Sorouch is today the executive director in charge of the whole commercial activities of Schneider Electric for a major customer category, covering the group full portfolio of products & solutions. Curious early on about other cultures, Sorouch started his career as an R&D engineer in Japan but quickly moved to his passion : Business & People. Since he joined Schneider Electric 7 years ago, Sorouch worked on various assignments throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas: the set-up and launch of a business venture in Japan, the expansion of 3 global product lines globally (including their market entry in China), and the design and implementation of a new global commercial organization within Schneider Electric. Sorouch is genuine, easy to connect to, and enjoys above all bringing people together in realizing new challenges (while enjoying it !).
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