Wendi Runyon

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Wendi currently serves as Vice President of Global Partner Strategy & NAM Innovation for Schneider Electric’s Services Line of Business. Her team is responsible for driving the transformation of our services business through partner enablement and innovation. Wendi holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree from Emory University and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Industrial Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. She currently sits on Penn State’s Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering IPAC (Industrial & Professional Advisory Council) Board, SMU’s Lyle School of Engineering Datacenter Systems Engineering (DSE) Advisory Board as well as Schneider Electric’s Diversity & Inclusion NAM Business Resource Group Board.
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industrial UPS application in pharma production

How an Uninterruptible Power Supply Supports Pharma 4.0

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Trust is a Journey. Building Trust In-Person Accelerates that Journey.

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How is Digital Technology Reshaping Different Sectors of Society?

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Dell Technologies to provide next generation business continuity for hybrid IT

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Net-zero energy or net zero-carbon – what does it all mean?

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Own your career Own your future

[Podcast] Supply Chain Digital Transformation

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data center modernization

A practical approach to data center modernization

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integrated power and process

Integrated power and process automation drive business value for the Mining, Minerals, and Metals industries

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Connected Building

Establishing a sustainable, connected building needs more than technology; it requires access to expertise

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What it means to Juliana to be an LGBT+ Ally

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An Introduction to Sustainability Management: Objective, Principles, Advantages

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[Schneider Electric Podcast] Episode 8: #BreakingBarriers

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